Finally! The Best Bread Maker in Australia has been found for 2020!

Who isn’t looking for the best bread maker in Australia? People with coeliacs disease. Seeing as you probably aren’t gluten-free, let’s get started with the review. 

We’re going to be breaking down in detail five of the best bread machine in Australia as well as the crucial breakdown everything you need to know about making a stellar choice when it comes time to cook up some fresh bread. 

Without any further delay, let’s get started with the review. 

If you’re in a rush, we’ve prepared this handy table, any of which could be the best bread maker in Australia.

Product Bread maker
Breville The Custom Loaf Pro Bread Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel BBM800BSS
Breville The Custom Loaf Pro

With superior style and massive performance, this is the best bread maker in Australia.

Breville The Baker's Oven Bread Maker, White BBM100WHT
Breville The Baker’s Oven

This machine comes at a great price and offers a range of cutting edge functions.

Sunbeam Bakehouse 1Kg SS Breadmaker, Stainless Steel
Sunbeam Bakehouse

Fast, fruity and fabulous, if you’re looking for a good allrounder, check this machine out.

Sunbeam Bakehouse Compact Breadmaker, White
Sunbeam Compact Bakehouse

Need your bread now and need it cheap? This both the cheapest and fastest we looked at.

Product Details
Breville The Custom Loaf Pro Bread Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel BBM800BSS
Breville The Custom Loaf Pro

With superior style and massive performance, this is the best bread maker in Australia.

Breville The Baker's Oven Bread Maker, White BBM100WHT
Breville The Baker’s Oven

This machine comes at a great price and offers a range of cutting edge functions.

Sunbeam Bakehouse 1Kg SS Breadmaker, Stainless Steel
Sunbeam Bakehouse

Fast, fruity and fabulous, if you’re looking for a good allrounder, check this machine out.

Sunbeam Bakehouse Compact Breadmaker, White
Sunbeam Compact Bakehouse

Need your bread now and need it cheap? This both the cheapest and fastest we looked at.

How to find the Best & Right Bread Makers in Australia

Finding the best bread maker Australia has on offer doesn’t need to be a hassle if you keep these key elements from our buying guide in mind.

Ease of Use

No-one wants to buy a contraption out of a Willy Wonka movie when they’re just looking to make bread. Just like when you’re looking at what the best air fryers you want a product you know you can use.

Things to consider when it comes to ease of use are things like an LED display and pre-program options that make cooking up your bread a bit easier.

Other stuff like detachable components make things like cleaning a lot easier. 

Pre Program options

For me, these are a big one. I don’t like buying products that only do one thing, and I want to get maximum bang for my buck.

The good news is that many bread makers, and many of the bread makers we’re looking at today, coming with a variety of pre-programmable settings that allow you to bake your bread the way you want it, and also cook more than just bread.

This means you bread maker could be a pizza oven and a cake machine all in one!

Bread loaf size/Shape

How big do you want your loaf of bread?

If you’ve got a big family, you’ll want a big loaf, if you’re a single guy living alone in an apartment and trying to watch your weight you probably don’t need all that much bread.

There’s also the shape angle that not a lot of people think about. You can get more than the rectangular block, and depending on the bread maker you buy, and you can get quite a lot of options in this regard. 

Not only that but there are a variety of crust settings you should consider as well. Who doesn’t love a bit of crust?

Delay timer/keep warm

A delay timer is a fantastic addition, and in my opinion, one that you really can’t do without. Picture this scene, you get all your ingredients and place them in the bread maker and settle into bed.

When you wake up, you’ve got freshly made bread waiting for you, ready for breakfast.

This is why you should definitely think about getting a delay timer that cooks your bread for when you want it, and keeps it warm for you so you can get the maximum enjoyment out of it.


This is a really important thing. If you’re a bit fat like me, you scoff a ton of bread, so a measly 200-gram loaf probably isn’t going to cut it.

And just like when it comes to finding the best slow cooker for your family, a big capacity is what you really should be thinking about if you’ve got a lot of mouths to feed.

The good news is a more modern bread machine can and will produce loaves in a variety of sizes, from 400 grams, all the way up to and beyond an entire kilogram of bread.

Just don’t overdo it! There’s a lot of empty carbs in bread. 

Kneading Paddle

Imagine you live in the middle ages. How would you be making up your dough? By hand, and by kneading it.

Back then you’d be kneading the bread for ages, getting just right before you cook it up on an open fire. These days, we have the technology, and your bread maker kneading paddle will do the kneading for you. 

This is quite possibly the number one consideration when you decided to buy a bread maker.You want a kneading paddle that is easily cleanable and one that is built to last. 

5 Best & Top Bread Makers Reviewed Australia

There's a heck of a lot of bread makers to choose from and even I can sometimes get a bit overwhelmed with all the choices. So we’ve narrowed our selection down to five of the best.

Breville The Custom Loaf Pro Bread Maker Review

On Sale
Breville The Custom Loaf Pro
  • Fruit and nut dispenser automatically dispensers fruit, nut and other mix-ins at the correct time
  • Unique Collapsible Kneading Blade, thoroughly mixes ingredients, then collapses to maximise loaf slices and...
  • Smart LCD, easily programmable

Are you looking for the next level in bread maker technology? Are you sick owning a bread machine that isn’t as smart as you’d like it to be?

Fear no more Breville has another product on offer. Presenting the Breville Custom Loaf Pro.

With a space-age stainless steel finish and a price point that suggests it better be good at something, the Custom Loaf Pro could be what you’re looking for.

While other models have pre-set built-in programmes, this maker has the option for automatic and manual programmes, meaning you can create your bread exactly to your specifications.

Want that a variety of crust settings? This can do it. Want fruit and nuts? The fruit and nut dispenser will add them at exactly the right time.

Not only that but this machine is so clever that it knows exactly when your bread is going to be ready, so you can plan your day accordingly.

There are a couple of downsides, one of which already hinted at, and that’s the price. This is twice as expensive as some of the other makers we’ve looked at, and despite its nifty design, it lacks a viewing window.

Sometimes the kneading blade can get stuck allowing bread residue to set in and harden, making it difficult to clean.


  • 60 minutes of backup power
  • Manual & automatic programmes
  • Lets you know exactly when it’ll be ready.
  • Bakes up to 1.25kg loaves


  • One of the most expensive on the market.
  • Difficult to clean.

Breville The Baker’s Oven Bread Maker Review

Breville The Baker’s Oven
  • Rapid bake for fast results
  • Gluten Free Programs
  • Bakes 750g and 1 loaves

A pretty clever name for a pretty clever product. If you’re looking for a product that’s easy to use and sits nicely on your kitchen counter, consider the Breville Baker’s Oven.

If you're an absolute fiend for freshly baked bread, this puppy could be right up your alley. Only sticking with 750 gram and 1kg loaves this product is great for a big family.

It features a large array of programmes as well, up to 23, including gluten-free functions, giving you the flexibility to cook as you like. This means you can do more than just cook a loaf of bread; you can also whack out some pizza dough as well.

This is great for me as I love having guests around for pizza. Plus you can access all these features from it’s bright and easy to use LED screen, and you get all these features at a very affordable price.

On the downside, there are a few issues with this product. Cooking a large loaf can result in a few problems such as overflow and this machine is very noisy.


  • 23 different programmable settings
  • Fantastic price
  • 13 hour overnight timer
  • Cooks more than just bread


  • Very noisy.
  • Large loaves of bread can overflow.

Sunbeam Bakehouse Bread Maker Review

Sunbeam Smartbake
  • Automatically releases ingredients into the dough during the kneading cycle, so they are not crushed and the...
  • Bake your bread the way you want with bread type, crust and turbo settings Bread settings include White,...
  • Dough and Artisan Dough settings to make dough, ready for you to shape then bake in a conventional oven.

The Sunbeam Bakehouse is a beast of a machine. Weighing in at nearly 8kgs, this is one of the largest products on the market.

It comes with an array of nifty features for even the most discerning customer. For one, you can make loaves of three different sizes, 500 grams, 750 grams and a whole kilogram.

It features a collapsible blade and has two different dough settings, regular dough and artisanal.

Like other brands we’ve looked at it also features a handy automatic fruit and nut dispenser. One interesting aspect of this machine is its variety of different settings, in particular, the warm and turbo setting.

The warming function will keep your bread warm for about 60 minutes. While the turbo setting is a real time saver.

Want to have bread ready by the time you get out of the shower? Flick on the turbo, and you’ll see your bread in as little as 70 minutes.

In regards to the negative aspects of this, there are some major red flags. The biggie is the kneading blade, which can come loose quite easily.

This can result in smaller, denser loaves of bread which are a nightmare to eat. The other is that it’s very large, taking up a huge amount of space on your kitchen top.


  • 70 minute turbo baking time.
  • Two different dough settings
  • Automatic fruit and nut dispenser


  • Loose kneading blade
  • A bit too large.

Sunbeam Compact Bakehouse BM2500

Sunbeam Bakehouse Compact
  • The machine beeps when it's time to add your fruit and nuts
  • Bake a variety of bread types from White to French, Wheat, Sweet, Buttermilk, Gluten/Yeast Free and Turbo Also...
  • Dough and pasta settings. Dough setting creates the dough, ready for you to shape then bake in a conventional...

Now, we’re going to take a look at a smaller model the Sunbeam Compact Bakehouse BM2500.

And it’s just like the name suggests. With a smaller wattage, dimensions and capacity, this little number will fit snugly next to your other appliances on any countertop in Australia.

However, don’t let the compact nature of this machine fool you into thinking this is an inferior product. It can whip you up both dough and pasta and can get you a decent-sized loaf of bread, at about 750 grams.

The smaller size and capacity also means it has the fastest turbo in our review, smashing out a loaf of bread in as little as sixty minutes.

There are a few cons to this product through. It eschews as an LED display for a more simplified digital one, and it might not be ideal for a big family with its smaller loaves.

However, if you’re looking for a small, sleek and simple to use the product, give some thought to purchasing this bread maker.


  • Compact size
  • Cheap price
  • Fastest turbo in our review


  • Can’t make big loaves
  • Poor display

Kogan 2.0L Premium Stainless Steel Bread Maker Review

The Kogan 2.0L Premium Stainless Steel Bread Maker is a good product, but in many ways, it’s a bit of a step down from a lot of the other products we’ve looked at.

For starters, where some other brands have over 20 automatic settings, this one has 19. Not bad, but not amazing.

It’s also a bit smaller and cheaper than the others. However, it’s still got quite a lot going for it. If you like the sight of bread rising, this machine stands out with its glorious large viewing window. 

On top of that, there are lights inside so your bread can be the star of the show. Its extremely powerful 710 watts makes it by far the most powerful, and perhaps energy-sucking, machine in our review.

It has functions that allow it to also cook up some French bread, as well as some yummy desserts like cakes and jams. And it’s designed fantastic, sure to show up some of your other kitchen appliances.


  • Can cook more than just pieces of bread
  • Most powerful break mater in our review
  • Big viewing window


  • Not as many functions as others
  • Small capacity


When purchasing yourself a bread maker, or thinking about getting one in the first place, it’s easy to have a few questions running through your mind.

You might be thinking why use breadmakers when you can just as easily get bread at the store? Or perhaps you’re thinking about how they work or if they’re worth the expense?

Let us get into that in a bit more depth.

Why Use Bread Makers?

So why use bread makers? Even if you’re not looking for the best bread maker going around, it’s something to consider before buying one in the first place.

For one if you’re someone who doesn’t always just buy the cheapest bread at the store, in the long run they can work out more economical. On top of that, they don’t just work for bread; some can cook up pasta or pizza in no time at all.

Plus because everything is so nicely contained within the machine, you don’t have to worry about heat seeping out into the kitchen during a sweltering Aussie summer. Plus the bread you make yourself will always be more delicious than the stuff you just bought at a store. 

How Do Bread Makers Work?

We don’t blame you for wondering how do bread makers work. Even the best bread makers Australia has on offer tend to have quite similar ways of making fresh bread. Basically, it’s a tiny little electric oven, with a mechanism inside that kneads the dough.

All you need to do is take the container and kneading paddle out, mix up your ingredients in the tin, then stick the container and kneading paddle back in. After that, your breadmaker does the rest.

It will knead the dough for a select period of time, then cook it until it’s perfectly ready. After that, some of the machines we’ve looked at will be able to keep the bread warm for your, or delay the cooking process for as long as over 12 hours, so it’s ready for you whenever you want. 

Are bread makers worth it?

The best bread maker Australia has on offer generally will be, but not all bread makers are built alike. So if you’re wondering “are bread makers worth it?” there are a few things to consider. First of all, is the start-up costs.

Bread makers are generally pretty cheap, but they aren’t exactly a pack of gum. If spending upwards of $100 on a kitchen appliance is something that will really put a strain on your family, maybe stick to store-bought.

However, if you’re a real foodie, who loves making their own food and enjoying the results, definitely consider getting a bread maker. The ongoing costs are really quite small, and there are quite a few recipes online that can really liven up your diet. Plus there’s no waste! If you’re looking for more info, there are quite a few guides available elsewhere on the internet.

choosing Bread machine

Choosing the right bread maker for your home 2020

Choosing the right bread maker for your home is pretty straightforward. First, you want to think about what your personal consumption is like.

Are you a big family, or are you just one guy. Luckily for you, no matter what your personal needs are, there's a product out there for you.

First, you want to consider the size of the loaves your bread maker can bake. Most models of bread maker offer something around the size of 750 grams of bread. This is a pretty big loaf. However, if you’ve got a big family, you might burn through it pretty quickly.

If this is the case, consider one that can produce bigger loaves. Then there are the bonus features you should be thinking of. Many bread makers can produce other baked goods such as cakes and pizzas.

A true foodie should definitely be considering getting a bread maker with more than just bread-making capabilities. Plus you get better value for money.

Finding the right bread maker for your home is easy as pie, plus if you decide to get one of the products in our review, you’ll be enjoying your bread every time you bake it. 

Choosing The Best & Affordable Bread Maker

Here we are, at the conclusion of our analysis. It’s time to pick the best bread maker overall. Based on our analysis, we’re going with Breville The Custom Loaf Pro as the best bread maker Australia has on offer. 

This is the best bread maker because it’s powerful like Kogan, can bake bigger loaves like the Baker’s Oven, and has a fantastic design like Sunbeam Bakehouse. However, this product goes one further than all of these.

With more features, more programmable settings, more customisation and just more of everything.

We really believe that The Custom Loaf Pro is the best bread maker on the market. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to use, with a big capacity that can have your bread ready exactly when you need it.

This is a truly smart product and one that we give our seal of approval towards. Being woken up in the morning to the smell of freshly cooked bread is one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

Getting a bread maker, and more importantly, getting this bread maker could be the best decision you make all year.

So until next time, that’s our review of Aussie bread makers, we’ll be back soon with more in-depth analysis of the products that you care about.

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