The Best Essential Oil Diffuser Australia – 2020 Buying Guide

Nothing beats the relaxation and the feel-good vibe gained after catching a whiff of fresh, pleasant odour –especially when it comes from essential oils and diffusers. 

That is why ultrasonic essential oil diffusers are growing in popularity in both office and household spaces in Australia.

Many people, like me, live for the natural, subtle scent given off by essential oils like
peppermint oil, tea tree oil and orange oil.

And if you are looking to enjoy the benefits of essential oil diffusers or want to make your home smell fresh round the clock, then keep on reading as I have rounded up the best essential oil diffuser Australia has to offer.

Our Recommendation: ASAKUKI 5 in 1 Premium Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

  • Best Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
  • BPA-Free Material & Waterless Auto Shut-off
  • 5-IN-1 Aromatherapy Device
  • Improves Air Quality

They efficiently produce elegant, distinct aroma while adding a clean and fresh scent to our surrounding and taking care of our health, wellness and relaxation.

Talk about killing two or is it three…birds with one stone.

Having such an introduction to this incredible appliance, we may now need to look at the best essential oil diffusers in Australia.

Essential Oil DiffusersCapacityPrice Check

1 - ASAKUKI 5 in 1


2 - dōTERRA Petal Diffuser


3 - VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser


4 - KBAYBO Aroma Diffuser


5 - Afloia Essential Oil Diffuser


6 - RENPHO Wood Grain


Coming up with your top pick won’t be easy unless you have a keen interest in reading through this article.

With many best essential oil diffusers out there, you may end up purchasing the runners up or, in the worst-case scenario, the last one on the list.

So let's be prudent but open-minded in search of the best essential oil diffuser!

What is an essential oil diffuser?

Essential oil diffuser; these words or rather device often come up in conversations touching on self-care and wellness.

We can define it as an appliance that pervades essential oil extracted from plant parts into the air. They waft sweet nature closer to your smell receptors, hence triggering calm emotions and influencing your nervous system to various healthy responses.

They are also known as aromatherapy diffusers, as they tend to progress that ancient culture.

The best ultrasonic diffuser Australia has to give, vibrates water mixed with essential oils to release vapour.

Since heat is not used, vital properties and aromas present in those essential oils are well preserved for maximum value.

A notable advantage it has over scented candles or air fresheners is that it can vapour and permeate more than 50 different essential oils.

It’s even possible to mix certain oils and come up with exclusive essential oil blends fit for your preference.

6 Best Essential Oil Diffusers In Australia 2020

  • ASAKUKI 5 in 1 Premium Essential Oil Diffuser
  • dōTERRA Petal Diffuser
  • VicTsing 300mL Essential Oil Diffuser
  • KBAYBO 400ml Aroma oil Diffuser
  • Afloia 400ml Essential Oil Diffuser
  • RENPHO 300ml Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

ASAKUKI 5 in 1 Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

Asakuni 500ml


Best Diffuser Australia

  • BPA-Free Material & Waterless Auto Shut-off
  • 5-IN-1 Aromatherapy Device
  • Improves Air Quality

We are starting this examination with ASAKUKI 5 in 1 Premium Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser which doubles up as a humidifier.

This aromatherapy diffuser come humidifier has stolen our hearts with the ultrasonic cool mist feature that can maintain humidity to about 50 percent in a room.

Remarkably, the diffuser can disintegrate water molecules using the 2.4MHz vibrating plate and spread an almost strong or weak mist up to 270 sq. Feet while preserving a steady level of humidity.

Embodied with an unnoticeable large water tank of 500 ml, they make it convenient for users to refill once a day, especially when run in a lower setting.

The unique feature makes it an excellent option for office spaces where piles of duties need to be taken care of, and there is little time to check on the device.  The auto-switch safety feature reassures you even more.

The model design is stylish, and our little ones may enjoy the seven soft colour options of LED lights the diffuser has; which can be turned off during the night.

Regardless of it being affordable and still promising quality features, many folks have complained about how noisy and distractive the ultrasonic diffuser can get, mainly when used in office spaces.


  • Their prices are a steal
  • Can produce your preferred mist intensity; strong or weak
  • Multicolored LED lights are soft and bright.
  • Can run for long without refilling
  • Is also a humidifier
  • Has a timer and auto-off safety switch
  • Sleek design with well-sized reservoir


  • Awkward refilling with the plug at the bottom
  • Unable to switch of lights when running
  • Can be noisy
  • Its fragile

dōTERRA Petal Diffuser


doTERRA Diffuser

Best Diffuser Australia Features

  • Substantial mist output helps purify and humidify the air
  • Ultra-fine mist reaches up to 330 square feet.
  • 1, 2, and 4 hour diffuser settings. Optional LED light.

Being a famous brand that offers novelty and high-quality products, including essential oils, doTERRA hasn't let us down and has remained reputable by producing equally superior diffusers - one being doTERRA Petal diffusers.

The Petal diffuser was engineered to blend in upscale environments while being compact and sizeable enough to be moved from one room to another.

The plastic built, two-part design brings convenience closer to home. As much as there has been complains when removing the lid (because of the magnetic material under the cover), it hasn't refuted the fact that it is handy.

Its aesthetic is simple but perfectly pleasing, especially the pink/purple base is quite inviting from afar.

Thanks to a well-sized water tank, doTERRA Petal diffuser can run for four hours straight, providing elegant scent during the day, or at night when you are about to hit the sack. Regardless of its small size, it can spread mist at a wide area; 330 sq. Feet.

DoTERRA Petal diffuser has LED lights that can be switched on and off at your pleasure. Also, the auto-off safety feature makes it a fitting appliance that requires little attention from you.

On the downside, with it being that cheap, it doesn’t guarantee a higher life expectancy as those that cost more as it is not expected to last more than 1-2 years.

Plus, it requires more refilling, so before buying it, you might consider if it’s worth the investment.


  • Very affordable
  • Simple and compact 2-piece design
  • Soft pleasing LED light that can be turned off and on
  • Has three time setting; 1, 2 and 4 hr. cycle
  • Low water auto-switch off
  • Can be used as mild humidifiers
  • Easy to operate and is usually quite silent when running.


  • It can be cumbersome when removing the lid with one hand
  • It can only run for four hours interval

VicTsing 300mL Essential Oil Diffuser

VicTsing 300ml

VicTsing 300mL Essential Oil Diffuser


  • Purify Air & Quiet Comfort
  • Soothing LED Mood Light
  • BPA-Free Material & Waterless Auto-off Safety

It may seem like an amateur when compared to doTERRA Petal diffuser, but VicTsing essential oil diffuser equally gets the job done, especially in large rooms.

This is because they can produce 30ml of rich moisture per hour while covering 82 sq. Feet of space.

And yes, your calculation is as accurate as mine; it can run for 10 hours long, unless when you decide to adjust the timer setting that can switch it off after a few hours.

The VicTsing 300ml essential oil diffuser has a sturdy wooden outlook design that is sleek and good-looking.

Being modest with its classy wooden finish, it hasn't stopped it from exceeding some of the requirements you might have of it, particularly when placed at homes, yoga studios, spas and offices. Its performance is top-notch, even though we may have a hard time pronouncing its name; VicTsing.

Having bright LED lights that can be dimmed, a water reservoir that can be refilled once a day while still making maintenance and cleaning easy for us, we are given more and more reasons to place it on top of our pick as the best air diffuser.

However, like many good things, it has some drawbacks that shy us away from giving it that snap judgment for purchase.

Many have noticed how noisy it can get, probably because of its large motor. The electric diffuser is also prone to spilling because of the very shallow walls within the broad base. Such hitches in design reduce its aptness in office spaces.      


  • Produces strong mist
  • It’s sizeable enough irrespective of the large tank size
  • Maintenance and cleaning is a breeze
  • It’s durable enough
  • Has bright lights that can be adjusted


  • It emanates a noticeable distinct plastic smell
  • It can be loud
  • Prone to spillage

KBAYBO 400ml Aroma Diffuser

Kbaybo 400ml

KBAYBO 400ml Aroma Diffuser


  • Ultrasonic Aroma diffuser Australia
  • 7 color change LEDs
  • Timer Setting and Mist Control
  • Super Quiet

This is another aromatherapy diffuser in Australia that we can't leave out when discussing the best essential oils in the market.

KBAYBO 400ml Aroma diffuser has inventively gone out of its way in design and operation, making it an excellent addition to our modern office spaces and homes.

As you may have noticed, many best essential oil diffusers were buttons away from operation.

Unlike them, KBAYBO not only provides a button within the device but also has a remote control that can be used within 6 metres, making it easy and convenient to use.

Similar to VicTsing, it's compactly built with a faux wood finish that can easily blend with a dark or brown wooden table depending on the three wood grain colours you would wish to choose from. This ultrasonic essential oil diffuser can also match several decorating schemes –making it perfect for any yoga studio.

KBAYBO has a premium feel to it while promising to produce crisp, dry fragrant mist within the three hours timing modes; 1, 3, 6-hour cycles, which works as an alarm clock.

It has fascinated us with the 7 LED colour lighting, which is comfortable for sleeping. Also, KBAYBO's silence on operation makes it suitable for our office spaces and bedrooms.

Even though it has received many praises and endorsements, folks from Australia have complained about the AC adapter not being suitable for their Australian sockets. For such an electric diffuser, you’ll need to check on power compatibilities before purchase.


  • Produces strong mist
  • Noiseless
  • Has 7 changeable LED lights
  • Auto-switch safety feature
  • Has three timing modes
  • Can be operated using a remote control


  • Takes time when changing lights so as to switch it off
  • Its AC adapter is not compatible to AU sockets

Afloia 400ml Essential Oil Diffuser

Afloia 400ml

Afloia 400ml Essential Oil Diffuser


  • Unique and Natural Design
  • 3 in 1 Functions
  • Adjustable LED Mood Light
  • Whisper-Quiet and Auto-Off

If you like something decorative and eye-catchy, then Afloia 400ml essential oil diffuser is what you can turn to. It’s also as easy to the nose as it is to the eyes.

The wooden grain plastic design combined with an elephant signature pattern, it becomes an exciting piece to add as a display within your living room and even your baby's room.

If you ever thought of clearing cold and sorting out your dry skin won’t be made possible with a diffuser, then this Afloia essential oil diffuser com humidifier (Check our Best Humidifiers) will make you think twice.

This appliance can give both children and adults alike the peace of mind they surely deserve with not only the pleasing aroma it permeates but also the beautiful soft LED lights it has.

There are seven led lighting to choose from with the option of dimming them or brightening them. Moreover, if you prefer using it without the light, you can choose to switch it off. Your own liking, because that’s what counts.

This small in size but powerful essential oil diffuser can operate for 6-12 hours while requiring a refill per interval. Just make sure to add the water-oil mix in the water reservoir up to the fill line, every time.

Many have enjoyed how they can sleep and leave it running without fear of damage because of its auto-off safety switch that comes in handy when water is low.


  • Can act as a diffuser, humidifier and a night light
  • Has a unique and beautiful design
  • Whisper-quiet
  • Has 7 soft adjustable LED lights
  • Equipped with an auto-off safety feature


  • Pumps less vapor

RENPHO 300ml Wood Grain

Renpho 300ml

RENPHO 300ml Wood Grain


  • Natural Plastic Wood Look
  • Extrmely quiet and 100% Safe-Advanced ultrasonic technology
  • Stunning 7 Color LED Night Lights Display

Considered as the best fit for tech-savvy folks, RENPHO 300ml wood grain has taken things up a notch maximising the convenience that we earlier thought we couldn't reach.

Yes, we can connect this smart & best essential oil diffuser with our smartphones and amazingly enough Alexa too.

How did they do this?

Well, they put two and two together; creating the RENPHO app for smartphones and Amazon Alexa and a WIFI enabled synchronisation setting in the diffuser.

Remarkably enough, this unmatched technology doesn’t come at any charge because RENPHO 300ml wooden grain costs as much as the traditional diffusers.

Talk about embracing innovation and turning a blind eye to capitalism. You can borrow such a thoughtful gesture from RENPHO when you want to invent something.

The device with arguably a large water tank can uninterruptedly run for 6-8 hours and require one refill at that period.

It can also shut off automatically based on your timer setting or when the water has been depleted.

However, it has been noticed that its vapour output is quite average, but considering how cheap it is and how convenient it can be, we can bear such a drawback.


  • Wooden stylish finish
  • Can be operated remotely


  • Pumps less vapor

Finding the best oil diffuser Australia

Different Type of Oil Diffuser

Depending on the innovative technologies used in diffusing essential oils, we find two main types of essential oil diffusers within our grasp in Australia, namely; the ultrasonic (powered by ultrasonic vibration) and the nebulising (powered by speed and air pressurisation) essential oil diffusers.

Neither of them uses heat (alike the heat diffusers), thus making them perfect for home use and at the same time ideal for producing aroma with maximum therapeutic benefits.

Ultrasonic oil diffusers are superior to nebulising diffusers for the only reasons that it's quite a hassle cleaning nebulisers.


To a great extent, the size of water reservoirs determines the run time of the essential oil diffuser you use.

Essential oil infusers with large size water tanks have seen to continuously run up to 10-12 hours when the timer is set on the maximum while those with small size water tanks have seen to run for a maximum of three hours.


Mist emanates from diffusers in many forms; they may come as cool and dry moisture or even somehow wet enough to humidify your surroundings.

Even some prefer it coming out loud rather than weak. Depending on your fondness, it's prudent to employ a keen eye for detail when examining essential oil diffusers on the amount of mist they can give you.

Those with mist settings should be highly considered for this aspect.

Size of Oil Diffuser 

Sizes matters indeed, and as much as you would like to purchase an essential oil diffuser that works properly, you must put in mind the place you want to put it and consider the use.

Unlike bulky ones, compact and nicely small diffusers give you the option of moving them from one room to another, and when you want to travel, heck why not carry it with you!

Water capacity 

Undoubtedly, a large water capacity means longer diffusion time without the need for refilling. If you are in a position to only refill your best diffuser once a day, then opt for those with large water capacity.

However, weigh such options alongside the size of essential oil diffuser you want because large water capacity automatically translates to large-sized diffusers.


This is an important feature that you need not ignore. The timer practically sets the time you need for diffusion.

If you want to start your sleep while breathing relaxing sweet aroma and have the appliance stop after a while, like three hours, to avoid getting nausea and headaches, just simply set the timer and avoid waking up in the middle of the night to switch it off manually.

So be on the lookout for best diffusers on the market that have such feature to make things easier for you.


Your fridge may seem notorious in making cranky noise in the middle of the night, but what you might not realise is that there are diffusers that may make your fridge sound better. This is why you should inquire on the noise level before purchase.

Best diffusers should blend with the intended background. If a room is used for studying, relaxation or work purposes, then noise shouldn’t get in the way of such activities.

To make sure of this, you should note the noise output of the diffuser you've shortlisted and even check the reliable customer reviews for their say on noise levels.

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Benefits of essential oils 

With all said and done, we always sit back, reflect and ask ourselves, to what end?

Yes, I am talking about why essential oils and why essential oil diffusers?

The magical duo work hand in hand to bring out the divine nature and elegant aroma concentrated in essential oils right within our surrounding. Even when you just need to make your home smell fresh all day long, they work perfectly.

But that’s just not enough, particularly when it comes to essential oils because they offer a lot more in terms of relaxation and sleep (lavender and chamomile oils), easy breathing (tea tree, eucalyptus and peppermint oils), antimicrobial properties (that speed up recovery) and also relieving stress while increasing focus, to name but a few.

Some essential oils can also repel mosquitos and other insects. And with the right ultrasonic essential oil diffusers, pest control will be within your reach.


By now, you must have bumped into what you may consider as the best aromatherapy diffuser Australia has to offer.

With so many options to choose from, you may narrow down things to the envisioned purpose of the essential oil diffuser; is it for health, sleep, entertainment or solely for air refreshment?

Depending on any price range, you can easily land on the best aroma diffuser Australia has to give. Especially from the list, we have presented above.

And following the well explained pain and pleasure points of each diffuser we have discussed, you would be able to select your top pick that would suit you to a T.

I have sorted you halfway, now take it from here and make me proud!

Happy essential oil diffuser hunting in Australia!

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