The Biggest Baddest & The Best Food Processor Guide in Australia 2020

Pop quiz, who invented the food processor?

It was Carl  G. Sontheimer a man as fantastic as his name is hard to pronounce. He based his design on industrial blenders and brought massive industry power into the homes of millions.

Now that you've got the background, let's get right into the list of the best food processors you can buy in Australia. 

Check our comparison table also. This review has laid out the best food processors so you won’t have to put up with the rest.

ImageFood ProcessorDetails
Breville Kitchen Wizz Pro Food Processor, Brushed Aluminium BFP800BAL
Breville Kitchen Pro Best Food Processor
KitchenAid Artisan Exactslice KFP1333 Food Processor Empire Red
KitchenAid Artisan Exactslice Great For Big Families
Philips Viva Collection Food Processor with 2.1L Bowl, Blender and Grinder Mill, 750W, Black, HR7762/90
Philips Viva Collection Best Price Food Processor
Breville BFP820BAL The Kitchen Wizz Peel & Dice Food Processor, Brushed Aluminium
Breville Kitchen Wizz Peel & Dice Best Compact & Versatile
Sunbeam Cafe Series® Food Processor
Sunbeam Cafe Series A great long term performer, with great efficiency.
Kenwood Multipro Excel, Food Processor, FPM910
Kenwood – Multipro Excel A mighty product for the design conscious. Comes with 4L Capacity

But do make sure you keep reading below to get the hot gossip on which food processor reigns supreme. Or you can take the risk and purchase without doing the research…

which is the best food process to buy in australia 2019?

What the hell is a food processor?

It’s such an innocuous name, what exactly does it mean? 

Lot’s of things process food, from knives to ovens, what makes the food processor different?

My flatmate describes a food processor as the “apex of kitchenware”.

It’s basically a best blender on steroids, you can make everything from smoothies to butter. 

Six of the Best and Most Popular Food Processors in Australia 2020

Sound the horns, it’s time for the review proper. 

We'll cast our eye on the following models, Breville Kitchen Wizz 15 Pro, the KitchenAid KFP1333, the Philips Food Processor, the Breville Kitchen Wizz Peel & Dice BFP820, Sunbeam Cafe Series, and the Kenwood Multipro Classic Food Processor.

Breville Kitchen Wizz 15 Pro

Breville Kitchen Pro



Kitchen Wizz 15 Pro BFP800 

  • Capacity: 3.7L
  • Power: 2000W

We love the raw power and great variety offered by this product! 

We all know Breville.

They make everything from Rice cookers to dishwashers. But they’ve also dipped their toe into the food processor game and we couldn’t be happier.

The Breville is a beast of a model, boating a quadruple blade slicing system and a powerful 2000W motor.

The Breville  is designed for ease of use as well, with varied chute sizes and a timer, so you get everything just right.

In addition to this, it also boasts 24 difference slice settings so you can cut your food as thin or as thick as you like.

As for the price, well a model like this might set you back a tad, but it might be worth the cost. Let's get right on to the downsides to this model.

For one thing, it can get a bit on the noisy side, so maybe one to use during the daytime.

There’s also the fact that many people have reported long term problems with faulty components. Otherwise, the Breville model is well worth a look.


  • Great variety of cutting options
  • One of the most powerful motors we’ve looked at
  • From a trusted quality brand


  • Comes at a very costly price point
  • Many have reported faulty components

KitchenAid KFP1333


KitchenAid KFP1333


KitchenAid KFP1333

  • Capacity: 3L
  • Power: 300W

This is great for big families and true foodies!

The KitchenAid KFP1333 is the next the product in our examination.

For starters, it comes with most of essential accessories you need in a best Food Processor, including a specialised dough blade for kneading dough.

The shred blade also comes with two different sizes, so you’ve got more choice in how you shred your food.

It also comes with two separate bowls, which is fantastic.

There are also a few downsides to this product. First of all, it’s not exactly the cheapest, which might be an issue for lower-income people.

It becomes a double issue when combined with the number of complains this machine has received.

Of particular note is a number of design flaws that lead to food getting trapped in the device.​

This makes the KitchenAid one of the more difficult models in our list to clean. 


  • Double the usual number of bowls
  • Variety in shred size
  • Dedicated bread kneading blade


  • One of the least powerful motors in our list
  • Food can get trapped making it difficult to clean

Philips Food Processor


Philips Viva HR7762


Philips Food Processor

  • Capacity: 2L
  • Power: 750W

Want a great product at a great price? Consider the Phillips!

Looking for a compact, easy to use food processor?

The Phillips might be what you’re looking for.

With a 750W motor its powerful enough to get the job done and it might just make your job more comfortable as well.

Each and every part of this model is entirely dishwasher safe. It’s also got the capacity to match its power, holding over 2 litres of food.

It’s also one versatile puppy, with 28 different settings, meaning you could do almost anything you want with this best food processor.

It’s also been tested for intense work, with a hardened break-resistant jar. There can be some issues with it though.

On top of all that, it comes a pretty reasonable price, which is always something to take into consideration.

On the downside, the blade can break, which is not ideal when you’re looking for a food processor.

Others have reported issues with other parts of the machine as well, so while the jar may be solid, the rest might present a few issues.


  • One of the most affordable food processors on the market
  • Great customer service from Phillips


  • Components may be a little on the flimsy side

Breville Kitchen Wizz Peel & Dice



Breville Kitchen Wizz Peel & Dice

  • Capacity: -
  • Power: 2000W

Compact and versatile, we can’t get enough of the Peel & Dice.

Taken a look at the Kitchen Wizz and thought: “Hm, I might be looking for a bit more”, then consider the Peel & Dice, another best food processor on the market from Breville.

In many ways it’s quite similar to the Kitchen Wizz 15, it boasts the same powerful 200W motor (which is stronger than some vacuum cleaners) and variety of settings, albeit with two fewer blades. 

What sets this model apart is right in the name, the Kitchen Wizz Peel & Dice also offers peeling and dicing functions.

You could take care of every element of your meal prep with one machine.

Gone are the tedious minutes spent peeling potatoes, this machine does it all for you. And the hassle of dicing is now taken care of as well.

There are a couple of drawbacks, however.

For one it is majorly pricey, even more, expensive than the 15, and it only dices the one size.

You also won’t be able to peel as thinly as you might doing it by hand.


  • The all in one food prep experience
  • More functions than ever before
  • Easy to store


    • Not a lot of variety for the dicing function
    • Peeler can cut too much

    Sunbeam Cafe Series


    Sunbeam Cafe Series LC9000


    Sunbeam Cafe Series LC9000

    • Capacity: 2L
    • Power: 1400W

    A great long term performer, with great efficiency.

    You might know Sunbeam from their range of best coffee machines, but they’ve also dipped their fingers in the food processor game. 

    Something that's really fantastic about this machine its fantastic double bowl feature, which allows you to mix two completely different things at once!

    Whip up some ice cream and grind some meat while you do it. It’s also got a decent motor on it, tipping the meter at 1400 W.

    The shredding blade has two different options, a coarse option and a fine option. And it also comes with your standard ‘S’ blade for your regular old slicing.

    There’s also a fantastic ten-year warranty on the motor.

    You might need that warranty as well, many people have reported that this machine is prone to breaking down which is no good if you’re planning regular use.

    There’s also the issue of price, considering the low variety of options you have with this model, you’re not going to be getting a lot of different options out of it.


    • Allows you to mix two things at once for double the efficiency
    • Extended ten-year warranty
    • Multiple shred size options


      • Machine is prone to breaking down

        Kenwood - Multipro Excel


        Kenwood Multipro Excel FPM910


        Kenwood Multipro Excel FPM910

        • Capacity: 4L
        • Power: 1300W

        A mighty product for the design conscious.

        Got a big family?

        Think about getting yourself a Kenwood.

        Why? Because this puppy comes with one of the biggest bowls in our review, at a mighty 4L. 

        It also has four different blades, so you’ll have a lot of variety in terms of what food you can prepare. It also boasts a strong motor at 1000W.

        Its special dual drive design allows for both the blender and the processor to run at the same time, meaning space is saved in the design.

        You can also adjust the speed settings.

        There are drawbacks with this machine as there are with any model. Many people have reported issues with the machine’s performance, and it is known to break down.

        The design can also be problematic, people have reported that it’s not the best when it comes to slicing.


        • Biggest capacity of any processor on our list
        • Streamlined and efficient design
        • Multiple speed settings for extra customisation


          • Issues with the slicing function
          • Not the best performer long term

            Choosing The Right Food Processor In Australia

            Those are the products and we hope we’ve outlined the key features they boast. If you’re looking for some more general things to keep an eye out for we’ve listed them below.

            Features to find in a food processor

            What sets best food processors apart from your regular old blenders is the variety of stuff it can do. Here’s some key features to keep an eye out for.


            These are the most basic functions of a best food processor and where they are most like a blender.

            The slicing and chopping is achieved through two different kinds of edges, a disc and a blade. 

            Slicing and chopping is the feature its easiest to get right, and the one that absolutely must be gotten right.


            A less common use of the food processor is the grind function. Most people sort of look at food processors as glorified blenders.

            But the grind function can be used for coffee, or nuts or almost anything you can think of. We really aren’t making it when we say these things are super versatile. 


            Your best food processor probably comes with a grating blade as well. Many people forget about the grating blade and it sits in a drawer gathering dust.

            The grating blade is another excellent function of the food processor, and it makes tedious tasks like grating carrots into a breeze. 

            Mix and knead dough

            Yes, you can also knead dough in your food processor. This is usually achieved by using the plastic blade.

            There’s a trick to getting it exactly right, but there are a number of helpful guides available online to help you out. 

            Things to look for in a good food processor 

            Here’s what you need to keep an eye out for when you’re in the market for a best food processor. Make sure you give them a look so that you’re as informed as you can be.


            One of the most important things to keep an eye out for is the capacity of your food processor.

            How much your food processor holds will impact how long it takes you to get your food together, especially if you’re hosting guests or have a large family.


            The blades are the other most important thing to think about. Most food processors come with so many blades people don’t bother using many of them.

            Make sure you do so that you can get the most out of your purchase.

            Australia's best food process guide 2019

            Power usage

            Using energy efficient products is always worth it. You don’t want to speed up your food prep time only to find that your food processor is draining your bank account.

            Take the time to investigate which machine has the best energy usage.


            You want a best food processor that really performs.

            Keep an eye on the strength of the motor, the design of the blades and the construction of the components. Food processors don’t always run cheap so you really want value for money. 


            A lot of people forget about the cleanup when they’re purchasing any kitchen essential.

            But, just like with a slow cooker, buying a dishwasher ready model of food processor can really save you some time. 


            Most food processors aren’t just a single button that you press and food comes out.

            They’ll come with a variety of settings so you can customise your food just the way you want it.

            Mixing bowls & patisserie bowls

            These are attachments that you can use when operating your food processor.​

            They allow you to switch from food processing to mixing as quickly as you like.

             The greater the options, the better, as far as we’re concerned.

            Can a blender replace a food processor?

            That’s like asking if a checkers set can replace a chess set. In short: “No”. One just has more going on than the others.

            You can play checkers with a chess set, you can’t play chess with a checkers set.

            Here’s the difference: A blender(Our Top Blenders Review) is probably only going to be able to do a good job in making your drinks. 

            Check Out: Nutribullet Review

            Whereas a food processor can do, well, everything else.

            It can grind, it can shred, it can dice, and it can reduce solids into liquids.

            It can turn beef into mince, it can beat your eggs, it can do almost anything you want it to do.

            It probably can’t save your marriage but that’s a different review 

            What else is there to say?

            How awesome are food processors?

            Very awesome.

            If you’re looking for a product that’s going to turn your kitchen nightmares into your wildest dreams, definitely buy one of the models we’ve talked about today.

            Until next time, see ya, and happy food processing.

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