Best Induction Cooktop Australia: 2020 Top Buying Guide

I love cooking. In fact, I’m passionate about it. If you are like me, that definitely calls for the best cooking mode.

Induction cooktops are among my favorite methods. So which is the best induction stove in Australia, you ask.

In this article, we shall look into a few critical things that will lead you to your best induction cooktop.

6 Best Induction Cooktops In Australia 2020

  • Westinghouse 60cm Induction Cooktop
  • DeLonghi 30cm Induction Cooktop
  • Electrolux 60cm Induction Cooktop
  • Philips Viva Collection Induction Cooker
  • Bosch 80cm Induction Cooktop Series 6
  • Philips Premium Collection Ultra-Thin Induction Cooker
Best Induction stovetop to buy in australia in 2020

Given that several brands have their own induction cooktop, I would understand if you told me the process of getting yourself the top cooktop is quite cumbersome and confusing. This section will help you to carry out a personal cooktop review to understand what makes one different from the other.

What to Look for in an Induction Cooktop

There are features that you ought to be persistent about if you are to get an induction cooktop.

These include aspects such as settings, sensors, and features available, the kind of build of the cooktop (if it is portable or built-in), the number of burners, and safety enhancers like the child lock, among others. Let's dive right in.

Heat Settings

Different kinds of food require different amounts of heat. This ensures that the nutritional value of the food doesn't go to waste, as well as the intended taste of the food.

Ideally, get a cooktop that has heat controls ranging from 140 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum cooking outcomes.

Portable or built-in

Smaller induction cooktops tend to be portable. If you intend to move the cooktop around, then you can settle for the portable kind. The backyard, rooftop kind of cooks, are you with me?

Number of Burners

How you go about this factor is largely informed by your kitchen needs. There are numerous burner layouts you can select from. You can have anywhere from one to six burners.

Gauge whether you need several burners, say you have a big family, or you love cooking a lot, or you live alone so you'd need fewer burners. The ball is totally in your court!

Touch controls

The touch controls should be arranged easily and logically. They should also be near the elements.

Safety Sensors

Safety is paramount, especially for people with children-and clumsy ones like me. Generally, most induction cooktops are wired to turn on when a metal pan is put over the induction cooktop.

Without that action, the induction cooktop cannot heat up. Also, it is not uncommon for the heat to drastically go down as soon as the pan is removed, and you should have little to no residual heat. Such induction cooktops would be ideal. 

Auto Switch off Feature

Let's say you put your pan on the cooktop, then it overheats. The Auto Switch feature comes to your rescue. It turns the heat off. Also, when you remove the pan from the cooktop, it switches it off.

Auto heat-up Feature

This feature helps you when you want to bring food to a boil before allowing it to simmer. It will cause the food to cook in very high heat; then, at some point, it will lower its heat to a pre-set temperature.

Auto Pan Detection

This feature saves you on electricity and accidents. As soon as the metal pan is removed from the heating element, the cooktop ceases to produce heat.

Child Lock

Compared to gas and electric induction cooktop, it is safe to say that induction cooktops are safer (no pun intended). However, we do not take chances. Look out for a cooktop that has the child lock feature.

Spill Protection

When food spills onto the cooktop and its controls, the appliance shuts down if it has a spill protection feature. Remove the pan and clean the spill.

After that, start coking again. You might need to consider if the cooktop has gaps or cracks where food may accumulate due to spillages.

Keep warm

Sometimes we need the food to keep warm for a little longer as we set the table or finish up on another meal.

The keep-warm function can help you with this as it allows the food to simmer as you go about your business. Also, some cooktops may use the residual heat for this function.

Top Induction Cooktop In Australia - Reviews 2020

I bet you dread the part where you have to walk into that store and make a choice of which induction cooktop you'll be taking home with you.

Maybe because you feel a little under-informed on which brand to go with or what exactly the brand has to offer, well, I've got you.

I've done some digging up of some cooktop reviews, and I will be telling you shortly about the six best cooktops in the Australian market in 2020. It should give you a good start when you're scouting for your desired cooktop. Let's get to it.

Westinghouse 60cm Induction Cooktop


Westinghouse 60cm Induction Cooktop


  • Number Cooking Zones: 4
  • Power Levels: 9
  • Manufacturer's Warranty:2 Year

Pause when you want to and resume cooking. Superfast cooking thanks to the Quickcook timer function.

This Westinghouse 60 cm induction cooktop offers you four cooking zones. With its pause feature, you don't need to worry about burning food while you try to grasp the recipe or attend to your little one.

The cooktop will not turn off completely: it will go to keep warm mode until you're ready to continue cooking again. Its quick-cook timer ensures your food cooks to your liking. Once done, it switches the zone off.

Cooking is two times faster than when using gas or electricity so that you can count on fuel bill savings. The surfaces next to the induction hot plates remain amusingly cool, so you can relax your mind about getting unsightly burns.

Also, when you're done cooking, the residual heat indicator alerts you, essential for accident prevention. 


  • Quick, easy, and efficient to use
  • Great quality and function
  • The impressive layout that leaves no room for overcrowding
  • Feels better than a ceramic cooktop
  • The controls are sufficiently responsive


  • If you cook with several pots at a time, the cooking zones may seem fewer than you’d like

DeLonghi 30cm Induction Cooktop


DeLonghi 30cm Induction Cooktop


  • Number Cooking Zones: 2
  • Power Levels: 9
  • Manufacturer's Warranty:2 Year

A quick cooktop with the booster function

The 30 cm induction cooktop gives you two cooking zones. Its frame is made of beveled glass that is easy to clean, given that it doesn't have dips and crevices that render the cooktop vulnerable to remains of spills even after cleaning.

This kind of design gives you the ultra-modern feel you may want for your kitchen.  This induction cooktop delivers heat to the cooking pan rather than the cooking zone, making your safety a priority.

Their safety considerations do not stop there. The DeLonghi cooktop has a provision for a child lock, a residual heal indicator, and a safety cut off. Its touch controls give you access to the nine levels of heating as well as the timer. 


  • The cooktop is easy to set up for use
  • It has a good build quality
  • Its pricing is not exorbitant


  • If you’re out for more cooking zones, this may not be suitable for you

Electrolux 60cm Induction Cooktop


Electrolux 60cm Induction Cooktop


  • Number Cooking Zones: 4
  • Power Levels: 14
  • Manufacturer's Warranty:2 Year

Cooktop with a modern touch, runs on Hobs2Hood technology for a clean and fresh kitchen.

The first glance at the Electrolux 60cm Induction Cooktop, and you will agree that these were crafted to fit into the modern kitchen-it screams chic.

The 60cm induction cooktop has a capacity for four cooking zones, sufficient for the average family size. Also, the induction hobs are flexible in that they can take cooking pots of various sizes.

The residual heat function indicates if the zones are still hot, keeping you safe. Besides, the child lock also reinforces the needed safety of your kids. Its controls have a variety of functions that ensure you can adjust your temperature, timer, etc. as you please and with ease.

You can pause your cooking then continue when you’re ready.  A special feature in this induction cooktop is the Hobs2Hood technology, which wirelessly rids the kitchen of smoke, smells using a two-step extraction method.

Other people say this brand competes with the top cooktop with downdraft instead.


  • Simple yet sophisticated
  • Easy to clean
  • It is a smart induction cooktop
  • Easy to use features
  • It is possible to bridge between zones when using large pots for cooking
  • The cooking zones are flexible enough. No knobs get in the way.


  • Its glass is highly vulnerable to cracks and scratches upon impact or abrasive acts
  • Has an annoying cut out every time the pan goes over the controls
  • The cooking zones may prove smaller for those who love using larger pots, resulting in uneven cooking

Philips Viva Collection Induction Cooker

Philips Viva Collection

Philips Viva Collection Induction Cooker


  • Number Cooking Zones: 1
  • Power: 2100 W
  • Manufacturer's Warranty:2 Year

Convenient, fast cooktop, sleek, convenient pre-set menus and sensor keys

The Philips brand brings you the Viva Collection induction cooker. The finish of the main body is that of a full glass panel, making it a chic addition to the modern kitchen.

Its heating power of 2100w makes cooking a fast affair in your kitchen, so efficiency is a priority to them.

This relatively high heating power allows the Philips Viva Collection indirection cooker to escalate to temperatures as high as 280˚C when you want. This induction cooktop is created to be portable for the user's convenience.

Its digital display is simplistic; anyone can use it easily. To add to this, it has an LED display.  The induction cooktop comes with six prefix programs and is pre-cooking function enabled.

When your food is ready, you get an available signal. Aside from that, the extra safe automatic off feature turns the induction cooker off as soon as your food is prepared.

This appliance gives you control because you can control temperature and time using the temperature and time controls, respectively. 

The Philips Viva Collection Induction cooker has non-slip pads on its feet, so every time you are cooking, your fears of the cooktop sliding while you're preparing can be out to rest.


  • Its energy consumption is significantly lesser than other induction cooktops; by 30%-40%
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Easy to keep clean 
  • Modern-looking to complement your style
  • Beginner-friendly. It has practical and logical functions


  • Its durability is questionable
  • May be expensive for some
  • Failure to clean the induction coil regularly may render the coil inefficient

Bosch 80cm Induction Cooktop Series 6


Bosch 80cm Induction Cooktop Series 6


  • Number Cooking Zones: 4
  • Power Levels: 17
  • Manufacturer's Warranty:2 Year

Fast,energy-efficient, clean, safe induction cooktop

Bosh 80cm induction cooktop series 6 is the definition of fast cooking. Its power boost feature enables it to cook three times faster than the average ceramic cooktop.

The cooktop delivers energy only where needed-the cooking pans. Consider this a much-needed safety measure for you and your family members.

Also, this direct delivery of heat saves you a whole lot of money in the form of bills because heat is used optimally, and food is cooked as fast as can be.

Moving on to its direct select feature, you can make a selection of the cooking zone you want to use and the exact temperature you need your food to cook in. Forget about using the +/- settings-direct select is where it's at.

Lastly, the induction cooktop has a timer function that is equipped with a switch-off function. As soon as your food is ready, it swings into action. 


  • It is possible to combine two cooking zones to accommodate griddles
  • There’s a booster when you need to cook fast which is efficient
  • Simple and responsive cooktop
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Awesome flex zone


  • Numbers and functions cannot be seen or read easily without adjusting your vision angle as they're dark gray
  • Worse than an iPad in showing fingerprints and previous pan imprints. It forces you to clean with Windex every so often

Philips Premium Collection Ultra-Thin Induction Cooker

Philips Premium Collection

Philips Premium Collection Ultra-Thin Induction Cooker


  • Number Cooking Zones: 1
  • Prefix programs: 8
  • Manufacturer's Warranty:2 Year

Thin Induction Cooker-A cooktop that is powerful and portable with a sleek ultra-thin stylish panel which cooks rapidly

The Philips Premium Collection Ultra-Thin Induction Cooker is strikingly flat and ultra-thin. It has a touch slide control that makes it easy to clean. This also adds to its ability to last long.

Its coils are highly efficient. They allow you to achieve your desired temperatures for your various dishes, regardless of how high you need the temperature to be.

After giving you're the high temperatures, its whirlwind fan helps in cooling the panel back to normal. This system also adds to its extended lifespan.  

For safety, the Philips Premium Collection Ultra-Thin Induction Cooker has nine self-protection and diagnostic functions.

This significantly reduces the risk associated with any malfunctions that may arise. It is one of the best portable induction cooktops available in Aussie today.


  • It is sturdy and of excellent quality
  • Portability makes it suitable for out-of-house cookouts
  • Works well for hotpot
  • Easy to use and clean


  • You might need to read the instructions manual to get the hang of some of those controls

Different Types of induction cooktop

In the Australian market, it is possible to get a variety of induction cooktops. For our review, we shall consider three kinds of cooktops: the portable induction cooktops, the fixed counter-top induction cooktops, and the oven induction cooktops.

Portable Induction Cooktops

Portable induction cooktops are suitable for people who love outdoor cooking. Why? Because you can move around with the cooktop. 

Fixed Counter-Top Induction Cooktops

The fixed counter-top induction cooktop stays in one position, as its name suggests. You, therefore, cannot move it around.

Also, this means that when you decide on buying a fixed one, consider that it comes with extra cost implications for installation-at least in most cases unless you are that electrical DIY sensei.

Oven Induction Cooktops

This is a hybrid of an oven and a cooktop. These are sometimes called range/free-range cooktops.

It occupies less space. If we're honest, it makes more economic sense to get the oven cooktop because you get more functions at a steal price.

What size do I need?

Whether you are transitioning from gas or electricity to induction cooktops, or you're trading your old induction cooktop for a new one, size matters.

Your cooking needs-as will primarily inform your size in the number of cooking zones you deem suitable for you. There are induction cooktops of 90cm, 70-75cms, and those of 60 cm.

60 cm should be able to afford you three comfortable cooking zones to the extent that you won't unnecessarily grease your cooktop, and the controls will respond optimally.

More than four pots on the 60 cm cooktop and you are bound to have a hundred issues.

Cooktop size

For you in need of more cooking zones, the 70-75 cm cooktop will give you four cooking zones. Get yourself the 90cm induction cooktops, and you have five cooking zones.

Check out the induction cooker reviews to figure out the flexibility of the burner zones.


Cooktops are one of those kitchen appliances that can seriously give you a headache because of the information gap there can be.

Well, let's try to address some of those pertinent questions you may be having as you look into getting yourself an induction stovetop.

Are induction cooktops better than gas or electric?

Juxtaposed against gas or electric cookers, induction cooktops stand out. They use magnetic induction for cooking, which is much cleaner, faster, and energy-efficient.

Even the best electric cooktops do not use power as efficiently as induction cooktops do. Also, it adds to the aesthetics of the modern kitchen.

Do induction cooktops use more electricity?

A majority of induction cooktops are crafted to save on energy. Therefore, you are more likely to use less electricity while using this appliance. Also, you might want to look out for the power-efficient stickers at the cooktop, to be extra sure.

How durable are induction cooktops?

Durability varies from brand to brand, but induction cooktops are generally long-lasting. The kinds meant for home use last up to 2500hours. Translated to hours per day, that would be 10 hours a day, for an entire year.

Do You Need Special Cookware?

The cooking pots must be able to conduct magnetic energy for cooking to take place. They should be ferromagnetic.

Is an induction cooktop safe for use by someone with a pacemaker?

Pacemakers are affected by prolonged exposure to either electrical or magnetic energy. The induction cooktops operate utilizing magnetic fields. You could slowly approach the cooktop as someone else puts it on and monitor how you feel.

Induction cooktops are considered safe-even for people with pacemakers. But please check with your doctor before you start cooking with one.

Will an induction cooktop save me money?

On your first purchase, you may feel the pinch of the induction cooktop’s price. However, considering that the induction cooktops cut down a significant amount of cooking time, you may end up with reduced electricity bills. Compare this to when you’re using electric and gas cookers-makes sense?

How Does Induction Cooking Work?

Induction cooking is powered by magnetic energy. The magnetic energy travels from the coil to the cooking pan, heating it.

Can you scratch an induction cooktop? What can I do to remove the scratches?

Induction cooktops are generally made out of some sturdy materials that can withstand day to day standard. Nevertheless, that does not exempt them from getting scratched with rough handling.

In case you get some scratches on your cooktop, and you can't stand the sight of them, get one of those special cleansing creams or a metal polish that rids the scratches.

Conclusion - Which Induction Cooktop is best for me?

So there you have it. You must feel a bit more informed on induction cooktops than when we began. But before I leave you, I must give you the winner of this extensive review.

However, I must reiterate that the best induction cooktop Australia for you may not be necessarily the best cooktop for me because we have different needs and preferences. Or maybe you’re after a cheap induction cooktop.

So whatever goes, but keep the qualities to look out for in mind so that you don’t end up with a botched choice.

So on my end, I have to go with the Westinghouse 60 cm induction cooktop.

First off, its four cooking zones are ideal for my family size. Also, I'm in awe of its safety features because, as I suggested, I am a clumsy cook. Not forgetting that I'm not trying to get my kids burnt in the name of cooking food for them.

Lastly, most times, I'm trying to juggle between being a parent, a good homemaker, and a career mum. I have no time for meals that cook like we have all the time in the world.

The QuickTime is such a save because I can get my meals cooked in record time, while still retaining the nutrients and flavor in the food. 

Armed with this information, I hope you get the best induction cooktop for yourself and doing your cooktop review won't be as hard as before you started on this article.

Also, do not shy away from digging further into other induction cooktop reviews to understand the products further. Cheers!

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