Best Pressure Cooker Australia: 2020 Buying Guide

We all deserve nutritious, healthy meals cooked from home, don’t we? But with time becoming elusive by the day, we can’t afford to spend a big chunk of it preparing meals. 

Therefore, we need something that is right on the money and time. Hence, the need to go for a cooking appliance that can halve the hours spent stirring stew and roasting meals –this is where we turn to pressure cookers.    

When talking about the best slow cooker, we can’t forget throwing in the best pressure cooker in that conversation. These two appliances differ in so many ways and are primarily distinguished by speed but are likened for producing vibrant, healthy meals. 

But with different pressure cookers in the market, it’s no longer an easy feat settling on the best pressure cooker Australia. Lucky enough, we burnt the candle at both ends and prepared the best & top pressure cooker review 2020. 

6 Best Pressure Cookers In Australia 2020

  • Philips Premium All In One Cooker
  • Tefal Secure Neo 5 Pressure Cooker
  • Breville Fast Slow Pro
  • Tefal Cook4Me+
  • Sunbeam Aviva Multicooker
  • Hawkins Hevibase Induction Pressure Cooker

With such a busy lifestyle in Australia, we are torn between eating healthy or eating fast. Well, with a pressure cooker, fusing both of them seems not to be an issue. However, with so many brands and models in the market, cherry-picking the best pressure cooker 2020 becomes problematic. 

Product Pressure Cooker
Philips Premium Collection All In One Multi Cooker/Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker with 2 Non-Stick Inner Pots, 6L, 1000W, HD2178/72
#Best Electric pressure Cooker
Philips Premium All In One Cooker

A multi-purpose pressure cooker with LCD display and touch controls. Instant pot duo.

Tefal Secure 5 Neo Pressure Cooker, Silver, P2534438
#Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker
Tefal Secure Neo 5 Pressure Cooker

Powerful stovetop pressure cooker built with a high-grade 18/10 stainless steel and a thick base. Has a 10 year warranty.

Breville Fast Slow Pro Multicooker BPR700BSSUSC, 6 qt.
Breville Fast Slow Pro

Has adjustable temperature, pressure and time settings. Has LED display and sensors.

Tefal Cook4me+ CY8518 Black Smart Multi Cooker Pressure Cooker with 150 Built in Pre Programmed Recipes
Tefal Cook4Me+

Automated cooking appliance with over 150 pre-programmed recipes.

Sunbeam PE6100 6L Electronic Aviva Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel
Sunbeam Aviva 6L Multicookers

Affordable pressure cooker with timer delay and keep warm functions.

HAWKINS H56 Hevibase Induction Compatible Aluminum Pressure Cooker, 5-Liter
Hawkins Hevibase Induction Pressure Cooker

A fast cook appliance that can be used with several types of cooktops.

Product Details
#Best Electric pressure Cooker
Philips Premium Collection All In One Multi Cooker/Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker with 2 Non-Stick Inner Pots, 6L, 1000W, HD2178/72
Philips Premium All In One Cooker

A multi-purpose pressure cooker with LCD display and touch controls. Instant pot duo.

#Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker
Tefal Secure 5 Neo Pressure Cooker, Silver, P2534438
Tefal Secure Neo 5 Pressure Cooker

Powerful stovetop pressure cooker built with a high-grade 18/10 stainless steel and a thick base. Has a 10 year warranty.

Breville Fast Slow Pro Multicooker BPR700BSSUSC, 6 qt.
Breville Fast Slow Pro

Has adjustable temperature, pressure and time settings. Has LED display and sensors.

Tefal Cook4me+ CY8518 Black Smart Multi Cooker Pressure Cooker with 150 Built in Pre Programmed Recipes
Tefal Cook4Me+

Automated cooking appliance with over 150 pre-programmed recipes.

Sunbeam PE6100 6L Electronic Aviva Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel
Sunbeam Aviva 6L Multicookers

Affordable pressure cooker with timer delay and keep warm functions.

HAWKINS H56 Hevibase Induction Compatible Aluminum Pressure Cooker, 5-Liter
Hawkins Hevibase Induction Pressure Cooker

A fast cook appliance that can be used with several types of cooktops.

For swift decisions in finding the best electric & stove-top pressure cooker, we have primed for you this table that will easily navigate you towards one that will suit you best.

Features to look out for in a Pressure Cooker?

From what I have researched, a pressure cooker can be just about anything you desire. Be it electric, a stovetop appliance, small, large, cheap, and even high-end ones (that have multiple newfangled functions), you can get one that will precisely enthuse your eating habits.

So let’s dive in and take a look at some of the qualities I noted and one you should seek out when hunting for the best pressure cooker Australia. 


Size matters, and when talking about capacity/size, it doesn’t just stop at big or small. The number of serves will determine the ideal capacity to pursue. Basically, for one or two serves (college fit), you will need a five-litre capacity pressure cooker.

For a home setting of four members, a six to seven-litre capacity will do. But for a large family of six to eight members, a seven to ten-litre capacity will be required.     

Did you know that a more significant sized pressure cooker gives room for more recipes but is slower in cooking when compared to those with less capacity?

Well, more space means more time for steam and pressure build-up.


When looking for any cooktop appliance, the compatibility of the device to your kitchen stove and the source of power should be thought through. Most stovetop pressure cookers use gas, making them more straightforward and more comfortable to work with.

Electric pressure cookers, on the other hand, use electricity. It’s important to note that gas is way cheaper than electricity. However, different appliances have different power consumption rates and efficiency. It is better to search for one that uses less power to save a big lump of money in the long run. 

Stovetop vs. electric

In terms of operation, these are the two primary types of pressure cookers. What differentiates them most? The heating medium. The stovetop pressure cooker doesn’t require electricity and instead makes use of stoves or other heating sources.

On the other hand, and as suggested by the name, an electric pressure cooker exploits electricity as its core source of heat. And unlike stovetop pressure cookers, they have timers and other functions to keep your busy life more relaxed and at ease. 

what is the top Stovetop pressure cooker

Steam-release valve

This is one of the safety tools used in releasing built-up superheated steam. Apart from quashing unnecessary vibration and noise, they liberate pressure that could be dicey when opening the pressure cooker’s lid.

There are digital pressure cookers that have them automated with other conventional types requiring manual intervention during the cooking process.

Ease of Cleaning

Another aspect that is always overlooked is the ease of cleaning. Even when searching for my first pressure cooker, I was never keen on knowing how the appliance would be cleaned. After my first dance with it, I came to realize that the lid was the hardest part to clean.

Also, there are quite several pressure cookers that are dishwasher safe. With the case of electric pressure cookers, the housing shouldn’t be washed but instead wiped. So, reflect on what I have learnt when considering this feature.

Locking mechanism

This is another feature that thwarts adversities. High pressure plus superheated steam can only lead to grievous burns if not controlled.

To safely lock them in and to only allow their escape through steam-release valves, use tight-fitting lids –that only open up when the pressure inside subsides. 

Pressure indicator

When deciding on how tender you want your meat to be, the pressure indicator will show you the pressure levels present in the inner pot.

This feature reduces the hustle of cooling your pressure cooker and opening the inner pot to check if your food has achieved that tenderness you are looking for. 

Pressure settings

A lifesaver this one. Pressure setting gives you a chance to either increase pressure levels or reduce it when cooking your meal. To get very tender meals, then a high-pressure environment will do you justice –vice versa. 


The weight of our pockets sways us to what we can buy. Of course, the cheaper the pressure cooker, the more rudimentary it is. Modernized appliances tend to be expensive, especially when they have more features accorded to them.

But with such a pool in the market, it won’t be hard getting the best value pressure cooker within your price range.

6 Best & Top Pressure Cookers You Can Buy – Full Review

Even though pressure cookers use the same principal to cook food, not all of them are built equally. And going by what we have discussed (especially on power) you’ll find a plethora of options when looking for the best & top pressure cooker to buy.   

So continue following this guide as I will let you in on the top pressure cookers and ultimately guide you to the best stovetop pressure cooker and the best electric pressure cooker Australia.

Philips Premium All In One Cooker

Philips Premium All In One Cooker
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN; Pressure cook, slow cook or multi cook at the touch of a button
  • ACCURATE TEMPERATURE CONTROL; Better cooking results with dual sensor for accurate temperature control
  • SAFE COOKING; Auto pressure release to ensure safety

Like white on rice, Philips has stuck as the “go-to” kitchenware appliance in Australia. Not because of the lauded chorus from marketers but the exertion they put in dishing out newfangled functions with every device they bring.

An appliance that has seen them receive a pat on the back in the culinary industry is the Philips Premium All in One Cooker.  

Philip Premium All in One Cooker employs smart cooking systems for multiple cooking purposes. From sautéing onions to boiling bone broth, meat and beans from scratch, it can do it in half the time.

The digital pressure cooker has an LCD display which not only requires the slightest touch for things to work but is also simple to operate regardless of the many settings jam-packed in it.

During my first day after purchase, it took me time to understand the instructions, functions and settings, but with a little help from YouTube videos, this learning curve was shortened.

Its integrated timer allows you to drop your ingredients, seal the digital pressure cooker, and take a seatback. For more convenience, it can keep your food warm for 12 hours using the reheat function.

The ingredient function lets you add ingredients while still on, especially when you want to tweak your cooking for the desired recipe.

Even though it can chomp your cooking hour to minutes, it has a developing problem with its touch screen controls after a while. However, this is something an operational manager can look into when contacted.

  • Easy to use one-touch control
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Comes with two inner pots
  • Adjustable temperature control settings
  • Energy efficiency
  • Easy to clean and useFast, delicious results
  • Has a fly-by-night recipe books
  • Unresponsive touch screen after some time

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Tefal Secure Neo 5 Pressure Cooker Review

Tefal Secure Neo 5 Pressure Cooker Review
  • Made of premium quality stainless steel for a long lasting performance
  • Offers 2 cooking programs depending on ingredients and results desired (vegetable mode or meat mode)
  • The autolock system allows you to lock the lid each time you close the pressure cooker

If probably you are new to pressure cookers or utterly nervous about the unapproachable vibration and noise that come with most of them, then Tefal Secure Neo 5 pressure cooker is the one you should sought-after.

Designed with a five-point system that offers full security, cooking becomes hush, simple, safe, and fret-free.

Built with a high-grade 18/10 stainless steel and a thick base makes the pressure cooker sturdy and durable. Another design aspect that mounts its perks is the ergonomic handles that put you in control without draining your hands whilst protecting you from heat and hot steam.

Also, the thick base spreads heat evenly reducing the risk of deformation. This feature also makes it apposite for gas, electric, halogen, ceramic, and induction cooktop.

This stovetop pressure cooker has a generous 8-litre capacity which I found ample after inviting some of my friends at home.

The two adjustable cooking settings, lets you prepare just about anything; be it risottos, soups or roasts, it will do it in record time.

Unlike many pressure cooker within its bracket, Tefal Secure Neo 5 makes cleaning easy with zero residual smell. Although the pot is dishwasher friendly, the lid isn’t; which makes it a problem especially with the potential dirt traps found around it.

Although it is designed to stand the test of time with a ten-year warranty (giving us the peace of mind we deserve) the appliance has failed us with a not-so-clear pressure indicator and a handle that grows warm when cooking. Other than this, we can trust it for fast results in conjunction with top-notch safety features.

  • Easy to operate
  • Vibrates less and makes less noise when cooking
  • Cooks in half the timeVery durable
  • Has incredible safety features
  • The pot is dishwasher friendly
  • It is packed with a steam basket and trivet
  • The pressure indicator is not visible enough
  • The lid is not dishwasher friendly

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Breville Fast Slow Pro

Breville Fast Slow Pro
  • Capacity: Large 6 Litre capacity
  • Settings: 11 Pressure cook settings plus a custom setting to suit your favorite recipes. High or Low Slow cook…
  • Pre Programmed Functions and LCD Display: Saute, sear, slow cook, pressure cook, pressure steam, and keep warm…

Just when I thought that the magical nuance of pressure cookers peaks at halving and even quartering cooking time of meals like braised meat, then I meet Breville Fast Slow Pro BPR700 which knocked my socks off!

This electronic pressure cooker has a custom setting option that allows you to adjust the temperature, time, and pressure ideal for that favorite dish.

It does this with the help of sensors located at the bottom and the top of the cooker, making cooking not only easy but also automated. With such a wonder, you can easily give Gordon Ramsay a run for his money.

Its digital LED display and dials add a fancy touch. For more precision in your cooking methods, you can monitor the progress of your food from the digital display and control temperature using the dials.

This is actually how you end up with tender results. Yes, it also has a knack of keeping your food warm for hours, until when you are ready to munch.  

The steam release valve is automated and can be adjusted for a more fine-tuned texture or taste. Even though it can slow cook and pressure cook with numerous pre-set functions, sadly it can’t make yoghurt like other counterparts within its range.

Being one of the most safety-conscious appliances, it has a 3-way locking lid and hands-free valve that fortifies you from superhot steam. And as much as Breville Fast Slow Pro may be expensive, it proves to be worth every dime for its simplicity, convenience, and automated cooking. 

  • The LCD screen displays every step of the cooking process
  • Temperature, pressure and time can be adjusted thanks to sensors
  • You can custom and save the setting for multiple dishes
  • Has pre-set functions such as sear, saute and steam
  • The gasket and inner-pot remains with odour after wash
  • Expensive
  • Awkward design

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Tefal Cook4Me+

Tefal Cook4Me+
  • Your new cooking assistant: it guides you step by step to create quick, easy and perfectly cooked meals
  • Cook your own recipes with four cooking modes: ingredients, recipes, manual and favorites
  • Versatile manual cooking with 5 settings : pressure, steam, brown, simmer, reheat

Tefal Coker4Me+ is simply an intuitive multi-cooker which more or less cooks for you. This versatile and yet intelligent appliance has five cooking functions that include; pressure cook, simmer, brown, reheat, and steam.

With such cooking function alongside 150 pre-programmed recipes, novices or even worn-out chefs can prepare savory or sweet meals with just a push of a button.

Tefal Cooker4Me+ has four cooking modes –recipes, ingredients, manuals and favorites –which puts you in control of your cooking but with the help of an assistant in your kitchen.

With the LCD screen display and simple controls that lets you scroll and click, you will find it easy choosing a cooking mode and even following a pre-programmed or new recipe. Also, the substantial 6-litre capacity will give you the freedom of cooking meals for up to six people in one sitting.

With an inner-pot coated with ceramic non-stick, a detachable inner-lid and plastic handles, cleaning the appliance is very easy. Another feature I particularly enjoyed is the timer delay that gave me the autonomy to cook food 15 hours later.

The only thing, I needed to do was place my ingredients, close the lid, and head to work. By the time I got home, my supper was ready.

Yes, the appliance is smart enough and easy to use, but even with a delayed timer, you will need to prepare your ingredients and do some bit of stirring or browning to meet that specific recipe. There’s the rub.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Has five cooking functions and four cooking modes
  • Timer delay
  • Not intelligent enough
  • Bulky
  • Pricey

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Sunbeam Aviva 6L Multicooker

Sunbeam Aviva 6L Multicooker
  • Easy to read and clearly shows the menu, cooking time remaining, heat setting, and when the unit is gaining…
  • Low for simmering and slow cooking High for faster cooking Auto keep warm keeps your food warm, ready for…
  • Generous 12 cup capacity with auto keep warm

When it comes to electronic pressure cookers that won’t break the bank, then the Sunbeam Aviva 6L Multicooker tops the list.

This kitchen appliance has a sleek design and is compact enough to fit your kitchen bench. It has accessories that come with it; rice cup, steaming rack, rice spoon, and serving spoon. 

The Aviva from Sunbeam has an incredible control panel that is easy to read while showing pressure levels, heat settings, and present cooking mode. It also has multiple cooking functions to suit different recipes such as slow, rice, brown, steam, simmer, sauté, and of course pressure cook. If you are new in cooking, this appliance will come in handy for you.

Sunbeam Aviva has a princely capacity to match a good size family. The keep-warm function doesn’t disappoint. You are sure to serve a warm meal even after the cooking cycle has ended hours before eating time.

It’s never easy finding a pressure cooker that can incorporate simplicity, convenience, and affordability, and because of this, we applaud Sunbeam Aviva.

However, as much as its flash went hand in hand with its aptitudes, it disappointed with steam leakage, especially when pressure cooking.

  • It’s easy to use and clean
  • Has multiple cooking functions
  • Keeps food warm automatically
  • Timer delay
  • Very affordable
  • Leaks when pressure cooking
  • Has a sealing problem

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Hawkins Hevibase IH20 Induction Pressure Cooker Review

Hawkins Hevibase IH20 Induction Pressure Cooker Review
  • New Induction base Pressure Cooker
  • Heavy base for gives out even heat
  • Double thick Black base cooks fast

Hawkins Hevibase Induction Pressure cooker is a flexible appliance that can be used with a variety of heating sources; be it electric, gas, halogen, and even ceramic cooktops.

Surprising enough, it also saves fuel thanks to an improved pressure regulator.

It has a massive “double” base which evenly distributes heat preparing meals fast. To add to the speed of preparation, it is made up of pure virgin aluminium that conducts heat quickly.

This stovetop pressure cooker doesn’t compromise on safety –with an airtight lid, it’s impossible for the cooker to open even when under pressure. Apart from preparing food in a jiffy, you can expect aromatic, wholesome, and tender results.

  • Fast results
  • Versatile
  • Can use multiple heat sources
  • Very safe
  • Pocket friendly
  • Very durable Has recipes
  • Only fit for couples or small families

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What are Pressure Cookers?

A pressure cooker is a hermetically sealed container, which is typically bigger when compared to ordinary cooking pots. When closed, this vessel builds up steam which cooks food and makes them tender at a faster pace. In Australia, stainless steel pressure cookers dominate the market.

They can also be referred to as high pressure cooker.

How does a Pressure Cooker Work?

Right off the bat, we know that pressure cookers speed up meal preparation, especially when likened to other conventional cooking methods. Using fundamental physics principle, it develops steam pressure within its pot.

When the vessel is closed, the water inside is converted into steam on heating. This steam further increases the temperature inside the pot i.e. boiling point rises to 250°F (this can’t be achieved with ordinary processes). The increased temperature, coupled with the steam pressure, tenderises food whilst retaining the nutritious part of it.

Furthermore, with increase of pressure and temperature levels, cooking time is hurried up and meals are made ready in just minutes. 

What is the difference between Pressure cooker vs Slow Cooker

From the build, pressure cookers are large aluminium or stainless steel pots while slow cookers are but ceramic pots.

Slow cookers use low heat for cooking while pressure cooker uses high levels of heat.

Cooking meals with slow cookers takes longer while when using pressure cookers, it’s swift.

With such high levels of heat, pressure cookers can exterminate bacteria and then preserve food, whereas slow cookers can’t.  

which is the best & top Stovetop cooker australia

What are stovetop pressure cookers?

Stovetop pressure cooker is an appliance that shortens cooking time by trapping steam generated from heated water inside its pot. They have minor customisation when equated to electric pressure cookers, but are usually more robust and durable.

Conclusion – Which Pressure Cooker is best for me?

I believe after such a beautiful and thorough guide, it’s time to land on the crème de la crème –that is best pressure cooker Australia. But since we have two main categories, let us be fair and decide on the best product from each bunch.  

Best Electric pressure Cooker

Hands down, Philips Premium All In One Cooker is monumental. When you compare electric pressure cookers, you’ll slowly appreciate how versatile this appliance is. I always enjoy a neatly arranged kitchen, where shelves aren’t crowded but I have every accessory I need.

Philips Premium All In One Cooker does this for me.

From many pressure cooker reviews, I use to think that this product would be perfect for slow cooking and pressure cooking alone?

Well, it seems I was in for a treat because it actually did me not once, twice but thrice better. Apart from what I have mentioned, it can also make yoghurt, bake puddings and cake, and make the perfect rice, be it brown or white.

It’s like piling an oven, a slow cooker, a pressure cooker and a multi cooker, and squeezing them into one instant pot. You can see how it is the best electric Pressure cooker Australia.

Owning up its multifunctionality, it comes with two inner 6-litre pots; the exceptional stainless steel inner pot that caramelizes or browns food flawlessly and the Teflon coated inner pot that has non-stick properties and makes cleaning a breeze.

This is by far exceptional, even for a top pressure cooker –if we actually go by many pressure cooker reviews Australia.

Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker

Even if we continue this article with more accessories, we will still land at Tefal Secure Neo 5 Pressure Cooker as the best stovetop pressure cooker.

Designed with a thick base and a stainless steel material, this high pressure cooker can boil meat in minutes. How you may ask?

Because it can spread heat evenly making sure every part of the appliance, except the handles, ties in heat. With such a consideration, energy is incredibly saved.

Apart from appealing attributes such as safety cognisant, good-looking and space-conscious, Tefal Secure Neo 5 promises to serve everyday cooking with a warranty to serve up to 10 years.

If you’d think that passing a kitchen appliance from one generation to the next was impossible, Tefal Secure Neo 5 will make you think twice. If that doesn’t make it the best stovetop pressure cooker Australia, I’m not sure what will.

Still, if you are looking for the best and safe pressure cooker or just a cheap pressure cooker, don’t shy away from the variety we have presented to you in our pressure cooker reviews Australia.

Go NUTS with it and be sure to let us know what enthralled you the most. Cheers!

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