The 7 Best Rice Cookers In Australia: Perfect Rice Every Time

I usually don’t wear many hats especially when it comes to cooking, however, with a rice cooker by my side, I have turned out to be a sensei in rice cooking.

I know I don’t deserve all the bragging rights because this handy appliance makes sure everything is meticulously done, every time! 

Unlike using pots and pans that makes rice cooking soggy or lumpy, rice cookers prepares this much loved Asian cuisine to perfection, creating an even and softly textured result.

Our Recommendation:

Breville BRC460WHT The Rice Box Cooker, White
  • Jar style rice and steam
  • Cook, fast-cook, crispy rice, porridge/ soup & congee settings
  • Programmable timer

My interest and eventually hunt for the best rice cooker in Australia started recently and oh my, I have never felt such a liberation.

Today, by taking the liberty of piecing together this article, I will cue you in to my discoveries and share with you all the facts and Easter eggs I gathered in that endeavor.

Comparing the Best Rice Cooker in Australia 2019

Let’s start off with this comparison table. It has a number of rice cookers that can be considered as the best in the market. They are of different brands, capacities, materials and of course, prices.

7 Best rice cookers reviewed

I’m conscious about how confusing buying an electronic appliance can get.

So when you want to make your rice cooker purchase, I have a few reviews on here for you on what you can go for depending on your budget and personal preferences. 

In addition, you can also have a peek at the perks and downsides of various rice cookers.

I want to believe that this will help you in making your purchase from a point of information, making it totally worth your money and time. 

Let us dive right into it. 

Breville Rice Box BRC460

Breville BRC460WHT The Rice Box Cooker, White
  • Jar style rice and steam
  • Cook, fast-cook, crispy rice, porridge/ soup & congee settings
  • Programmable timer

Breville as a brand has a lot of rice cooker in their range. Their products speak to the needs of various customers. 

For the Breville Rice Box BRC460, it is no different. What stands out for me in this product is the versatility that it offers.

It has a capacity of 10 cups, making it suitable for someone like me who loves to host friends over for dinner.

It also enables steaming while rice is cooking. This definitely reduces overall cooking time of meals because you can simultaneously cook your rice alongside your steamed dish.

You can steam congee, sushi, porridge, soup, vegetables, poultry and sea food.

The device also has an element in the lid that ensures your rice comes out nice and fluffy-we don’t want soggy rice remember? It does this by preventing condensation.

Besides that, the rice cooker comes with a digital timer and a non-stick aluminum bowl that makes cleaning so easy.

Moreover, the digital timer is interesting in this device. It allows you to set your finishing cooking time 15 hours prior.

How cooler can it get? And what electronic appliance comes without a warranty? Not this one at least. It has a one year warranty to its name.


  • ​It has a relatively large capacity that is suitable for up to 10 people.
  • ​The anti-condensation element in the lid ensures the rice cooks nice and fluffy.
  • ​The rice cooker has a combined functionality: you can cook rice and steam other foods while at it.
  • ​The digital timer on the cooker enables pre-setting of the time you want to finish cooking.
  • ​Non-stick aluminum bowl is easy to clean.
  • ​Breville has a warranty of 12 months (1 year).


  • Rice may stick to the bottom of the pan.
  • Some control buttons may be unintelligible like soup/porridge.

Philips Grain Master

Philips Daily Collection Grain Master Rice Cooker with 24-Hour Preset Timer and Free Recipe Booklet, 4L Capacity, White, HD4514/72
  • 8 Multifunction programs for a variety of dishes
  • Easy to control cooking progress
  • 5-layer Crystal Black Pot for even heating

The Philips Grain Master adds to the list of great rice cookers. A busy household can definitely make the most out of it because of its 24 hours presetting.

You can actually preset the cooker for dinner in the morning before you leave for your day’s errands.

The versatility of this particular rice cooker cannot be understated.

It offers 8 different alternative modes of cooking that allow you to prepare a wide range of foods from grains, lentils, quinoa to porridge.

With this gizmo, the rice cooks evenly given that it utilizes fuzzy logic technology. The rice cooks through 6 different stages, ensuring that the resultant rice is well cooked and fluffy.

It also has a manageable capacity of 4 liters.

The Philips Grain Master comes with a recipe book.

The recipe books allows rice cookers to experiment around with ingredients in their kitchen to create fun rice dishes.

Furthermore, it comes with a pan that is very easy to clean. It is a  5 layer crystal, black pan that is also very efficient at keeping rice warm for up to 12 hours using the’ keep warm’ function on the rice cooker.


  • ​It allows for cooking of other foods like grains, lentils, quinoa, brown rice and porridge.
  • ​There are several cooking functions like standard cook, quick cook, and multi-grain.
  • ​It is ideal for the average family-about 4 people.
  • ​The preset feature enables one to set the finishing time well in advance making cooking convenient.
  • ​It has different menus from which you can choose to create your meals.
  • ​Temperature is controlled with accuracy.
  • ​Its pan is easy to clean.


  • The power plug is unreliable as it may disconnect with slight movement.
  • The standard rice function takes longer to cook rice compared to the quick cook function. 
  • Some users have reported that it is hard to clean.

Breville LRC480WHT The Smart Rice Box Cooker

Breville LRC480WHT The Smart Rice Box Cooker, White
  • Automatically adjusts the cooking temperatures throughout the various stages of rice cooking, ensuring that optimum results are achieved for all types of rice
  • Large 10 cup capacity, makes up to 25 serve of perfectly cooked rice
  • Designed with 5 layers of durable and heat conductive materials, the PFOA- Free, non-stick cooking bowl ensures optimal cooking conditions

Also a Fuzzy Logic rice cooker, the BREVILLE LRC480WHT the smart rice box cooker prepares rice at the right temperature-during every single stage.

This of course gives the fluffy and evenly cooked rice that we want.

The appliance in itself is a combination cooker meaning that you can cook rice with it and still get to steam your rice, sushi, sticky rice, porridge and cake.

The cooker has a variety of functions which include fast cook, reheat, and lastly, automatic keep warm.​

Its 5-layered pan, that is PFOA and PTFE- Free, offers a good conducting surface for the best cooking.

The designers of this particular product were very considerate during its crafting because it has detachable parts that make cleaning an easy task.

To add more good news to it, the rice cooker has an LED display with controls that are easy to operate. From this display, you can preset the cooker’s finishing time.

The rice cooker is ideal for cooking 10 large cups of rice which makes up to 25 serve of perfectly cooked rice.


  • It is simple to operate.
  • ​Rice gets cooked evenly.
  • ​Its capacity favors large groups.
  • ​Its utility is diverse as it is a combined cooker.


  • The calibrations that indicate the water levels on the pan are intelligible.
  • Some people report cases where the non-stick layer peels off.

Kambrook Rice Master Rice Cooker

Kambrook KRC405BSS Rice Master 5 Cup Rice Cooker
  • Cookers
  • Rice Master 5 Cup Rice Cooker
  • Manufactured in China

This rice cooker has variations of capacity. There’s one that offers 5 cups and another 10 cups.

This variation in capacity makes it easy to choose from this brand, depending on the number of people you have on average at your house.

The rice cooker is made of stainless steel which is easy to clean. The pan also has clear markings for water and rice.

It is known for its compact nature that allows for 5 cups and can cook up to 10 cups of rice.

The rice cooker has a one touch kind of operation that of course makes the process so easy.

Your cooked rice is also always warm with the ‘keep warm’ function that the rice cooker comes with.

This way, it also means that your rice will not be overcooked because of warming it on direct heat later on.

The Kambrook Rice Master Rice cooker kills two birds with one stone. It allows you to cook your rice and at the same time, steam your fish, vegetables etc.

In the package, the rice cooker comes alongside a measuring cup and a serving spoon. Talk about having your back.


  • ​The rice cooker is small and compact.
  • ​It cooks fluffy rice.
  • ​Cooks rice fast


  • You can get scalded from the steam if not careful.
  • It splatters water everywhere.
  • Starchy water collects in the lid.
  • It is basic and therefore has no advanced settings and features.

Tefal Multicook & Grain RK900

Tefal Multicook & Grain RK900 Smart Rice cooker and grain mulitcooker (rices, lentils, chick peas, baby porridge)
  • Tasty: different textures according to your preference (patented)
  • Healthy: nutritious cooking programs to cook all types of grains (rice, lentils, beans, chick peas, baby porridge...)
  • Just the way you like: 4 grain cooking options for your enjoyment: Nutri+ / Quick / Normal / Soft

This brand is insistent on health. Their technology supports healthy and nutritious cooking.

It also understands that people are different and they therefore have different preferences. For this reason, the rice cooker incorporates different textures in the rice cooker.

Express soaking and 3D heating features are also among those things that make this rice cooker stand out.

Your rice will automatically be kept warm and you can delay the start of cooking to whenever you want the rice to start cooking.

Aside from these, the cooker also comes with 80 different cooking programs, making cooking a very interesting and creative matter altogether.

It also has a My Recipes function that enables you to save 5 of your favorite recipes for convenient and future use.  

As part of the accessories, this rice cooker comes alongside a recipe book, a dishwasher-safe inner bowl, a grain spoon, measuring cups, soaking basket and a steam basket.​

 I would say that the Tefal Multicook & grain rice cooker is not a selfish cooker for this reason- aside form cooking rice, the cooker also allows for cooking of other grains like lentils, beans and chick peas.


  • ​It can cook other grains and legumes.
  • ​The versatility of the appliance makes for a fun cooking time. It can do so much more than rice and legumes. Think cakes, dessert, jams, and yoghurt.
  • ​It is non-stick and therefore easy to wash.
  • ​Cooking is even and food is kept warm thanks to the 3D heating system of the cooker.


  • Some of its functions are questionable.

Breville BRC550SIL the Multi Grains Rice Cooker

Breville BRC550SIL The Multi Grains Rice Cooker, Silver
  • Rice Quinoa Stir- Free Risotto Porridge Lentils and Steam
  • Sear and Saute Setting
  • Automatic Keep Warm Feature

This rice cooker would be appropriate for rice lovers on a budget. It also cooks other grains aside from rice.

You can cook stir free risotto, fluffy quinoa, creamy oats, quinoa porridge, lentils and steam all in the same bowl, making the rice cooker a great asset in the kitchen thanks to its versatility.

Aside from stir-fry cooking function, the cooker offers sauté and searing which are both healthy and creative methods of cooking.  

The beauty of searing and sautéing is that it allows caramelizing and browning of food.

When we discuss about capacity, the cooker holds 10 cups. The automatic warm setting ensures your rice and other foods are always warm.

Its steamer gives you a chance to cook other foods on there.


  • ​The rice cooker is affordable in comparison to other variants in the market.
  • ​It is efficient for a large family of up to 10 people.
  • ​The cooker is not limited to cooking rice. It also does risotto, quinoa, porridge and lentils all in the same cooking bowl.
  • ​The steam functionality allows for steaming of fish, poultry and sea food in their natural juices.


  • Perhaps not as friendly as the previous models.

Tefal Rice Cooker & multi cooker RK812

Tefal Rice Cooker & multicooker RK812 with Spherical Bowl for homogeneous and Perfect Cooking
  • Ideal heat circulation for homogeneous and delicious cooking thanks to innovative spherical bowl technology. Visual cooking: cook & look
  • 45 cooking programs provide great versatility to cook all your favorites dishes
  • DIY Chef allows to adjust temperature, cooking time and cooking programs to customize and memorize your own recipes

Tefal Rice Cooker & multi cooker RK812 is a multipurpose rice cooker. You can cook rice, pudding, pasta, soup, yoghurt and cheese.

The 45 cooking programs that the Tefal offers are a good bargain for those who like experimenting in the kitchen. It also comes with a recipe book.

Heat is evenly distributed in the cooker because of its spherical shape technology.

It is important to mention that the spherical bowl has a non-stick coating.  

It has a DIY Chef feature that allows you to adjust temperature, cooking time and cooking programs to customize and memorize your own recipes.

Accessories that accompany the rice cooker are all made from dish-washer safe materials. The accessories include a steam basket, a soup spoon, a measuring cup and a recipe book.


  • ​It is versatile allowing you to cook almost any of your favorite dishes.
  • ​DIY Chef allows to adjust temperature, cooking time and cooking programs to customize and memorize your own recipes.


  • The rice settings do not provide for a time estimation so you have to manually time your rice or play dice with the cooking time. 
  • The recipe book doesn’t show much.
  • Some report that it doesn’t make brown rice as well as it does for white rice. 

How to choose the best Rice Cooker

When it comes to cooking rice, precision is not enough.

Why you may ask?

Because most of the time we may end up with burnt, wet, gooey or even underdone rice even after following the recipe instructions.

Honestly, I have gone through this a lot, in the past of course, before meeting this handy contraption called rice cooker.

It however came as a surprise to me that rice cookers have been there since 1955 finding its origin from Japan.

Well, if I had some information about this earlier on, I would have avoided the embarrassing mundane of cooking rice by sheer guesswork.

When you come to think of it, getting yourself the best rice cooker means good, soulful and happy rice meals on your table every time.

Or even good food that’s not necessarily rice. Sounds like a worthwhile investment, right?

However, given that there are several brands and models of rice cookers available in the Australian market today, it may be difficult to come to the right one.

Depending on your taste, budget, requirements and bias, you can use the information below to make an informed choice on the best slow cooker & best food processor to buy. 


There are several ways to differentiate between rice cookers but chief among them is by the lid of the rice cooker. The lid can either be sealed or unsealed.

Rice cookers with unsealed lids have the perk of being relatively cheaper compared to the ones that have sealed lids.

They are also easy to use.

On the other hand, the unsealed lids tend to mess the cooking table top because they cause water splashes. Rattling of the rice cooker is also a given with this type.

Sealed lids eliminate the rattling and water accidents that come with the unsealed lid types.

As it may be with other appliances, the more efficient the appliance, the pricier it gets.

So yes, the rice cookers with sealed lids are more expensive when compared to the ones with unsealed lids.

With regards to types, you can also evaluate rice cookers based on their cooking settings. This is basically what the cooker has the ability to cook and how it does it.

For instance, we have induction cookers that utilize magnetic fields to heat. If you are a fan of cooking, the cooker they make use of is a great example of an induction powered cooker.

The beauty of the induction rice cookers is that the rice is heated from all sides and not just from the bottom, ensuring that you ultimately get evenly cooked rice.

Others offer just two cooking options: cook and warm.

These are basic functional modes, making the rice cooker more affordable than the more sophisticated ones like the induction ones. 


The time I was scouting for the best rice cooker, timing was a huge property I was after. In this day and age of digitization, getting a rice cooker that has a digital timer would be appropriate.​

Am sure Gordon Ramsay from Hell’s Kitchen will back me up on this.

The digital timer enables you to preset the cooking time of your rice. To me, this was a great steal because I love hosting friends and I love serving them rice.

So to get rid of the hustle of multitasking, I let the cooker multitask for me.

If I need the rice to be cooked by a certain time, I just put my rice in my rice cooker, set the timer to when I want it to complete cooking and I forget about my rice.

How efficient!

However, there’s no harm in getting the rice cookers with the manual timers. They are much cheaper and will still get the job done, although with a little hustle.


Rice cookers come with information on capacity. They are either in liters or cups. Sometimes brands offer both pieces of information. 

The rice cooking industry has significantly conformed to the needs of the market over the years.

You can now get rice cookers that have capacities of between three cups to 14 cups.

Now let me let you in on a crucial tip. Buy your rice cooker in accordance to the average number of people you want to serve.

You can estimate this by number of cups. 10 cups serves 10 people, 2 cups serves 2 people.

Makes senses, right? Now you can thank me later!


Depending on your cooking needs, you can get a rice cooker that suits you. If you are minimalistic and you just need a rice cooker that has the basic functioning settings that help you cook your white rice, the market readily avails this to you.

However, if you are on the other side of the spectrum, your sophistication is also catered for.

You can get rice cookers that offer a wide range of settings such as cooking brown rice and other grains as well as steaming.

The settings are totally dependent on what exactly you are after.

Extra Features

Save for the already mentioned features, rice cookers can come equipped. The more features the more costly the rice cooker is going to be. But what is cost over versatility?

I prefer efficiency myself. 

The additional features a rice cooker can have include reheating,  preset cooking, accessories, digital timer and multigrain cooking which allows you to cook some nice white and brown rice.


The rice cookers above are spectacular in their own way but there has to be one that is just it.

In my opinion, the Breville BRC550SIL the Multi Grains Rice Cooker is my ultimate pick.


It incorporates almost all the qualities you need to look out for when making a purchase. It has a sealed lid and has a capacity of 10 cups which is efficient for me because like I said, I love hosting friends. 

Its extra features are what attracted me the most.

What else would I want when I can cook rice, risotto, quinoa, porridge and lentils all in the same cooking bowl?

Lastly, I am a lover of healthy food so its steam functionality is not such a bad idea. 

That said, I hope the information above helps you in your quest for the best rice cooker in Australia.

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