The Most Energy Efficient Heater Australia Has & How to Pick the Right One for Your Budget

As the nights get colder, the need to find the most energy efficient portable heater Australia has is becoming more necessary. Given that it is best to be ahead of schedule, we have the research needed to find the best options.

When it comes to portable heaters, many of them specialize in a couple of areas. The best outdoor heater is not going to be the best unit for your bathroom.

As a result, this “best of” list will fall into a couple of categories. I recall my father using a small heater on the back patio, causing him a couple of hundred dollars in repairs.

While this list is comprehensive, the best portable heater for your needs may not be one of the options we pick.​

Regardless, any of the radiators on this list would be excellent options that capture a variety of needs.

The Most Energy Efficient Portable Heater in Australia 2020

Delonghi Slim Style Best Convection Panel Heater
De’Longhi Dragon 4 Best Portable Heater for Larger Rooms
Goldair Radiant Heater Best Electric Heater for Outdoors
Dyson Fan Heater Best for Smaller Rooms

One of the critical factors behind finding the best electric heaters Australia has available is energy efficiency. You see it peppered all over this article because it is an essential topic.

You hear people talking about oil heaters as a good substitute as a result. We will go into the subject with further details later through our reviews.

Portable heaters are not naturally high users based on the type of energy they consume. Below is a quick comparison table to get things started.

Six Best Portable Heaters Reviewed

We have chosen six heaters for the most energy efficient portable heater list. This list includes electric heaters, oil heaters, and panel heating units.

While we will have a few different categories of victory, there will still be an overall winner to be chosen.

As seen by our top selections, energy efficiency heaters will be one of our top priorities in this review. However, we will include other considerations.

These can consist of the effectiveness of heating, the ease of installation, the flexibility of use, as well as different everyday needs.

De’Longhi Dragon 4

De’Longhi Dragon 4


  • Number of Heat Settings: 3
  • Power: 2,400 W
  • 7 Years Warranty
  • Optimise Energy Consumption
  • 24 Hrs Timer

The De’Longhi Dragon 4 is an efficient electric heater that warms your small and medium rooms with an oil column.

Its efficiency comes from meagre power consumption and an eco mode that works. These features, combined with a seven-year warranty, make it an incredibly cost-effective piece that will last you for years to come.

It is not a very portable heater. There is also a plastic smell, but it does tend to burn out within the first couple hours of use.

Overall, the limited power use and the warranty make it an easy pick for the best oil heater Australia has. This unit is a perfect addition to your living room, a baby room, or a kitchen.

  • It heats a small room quickly.
  • It has an excellent eco mode.
  • It has a seven-year warranty.
  • It uses very little electricity.
  • It has an anti-frost feature.
  • It has a thermal cut-off safety feature.
  • The timer resets after it expires.
  • It is heavy.
  • It initially comes with a smell.
  • It can be loud.

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Dyson Fan Heater

Dyson Fan Heater


  • Oscillation control
  • Remote Control
  • Perfect for night time use
  • Easy tilt
  • Safe

If you are looking for a sleek, modern fan heater that balances design with effectiveness, The Dyson AM09 is an excellent choice.

Despite being a “fan heater”, the bladeless design makes it a unique option.

Unlike panel heaters, the tower design allows for great portability. This fan can also easily switch between warm air and cold air.

This unit is for year-round usage, but it tends to be most useful for small spaces.

While it is not the most efficient heating unit, it is easily among the list of the most flexible, portable heating units.

Dyson does its best to be as far from being a cheap heater as possible. As a result of this flexibility, it is on the list of the best air heating unit Australia has.

  • It has heating and cooling functions.
  • It has a sleek design.
  • It has excellent airflow options.
  • It has an excellent customer service team.
  • It is not for larger rooms.
  • The cooling is a bit loud.
  • It uses more energy than our other choices.

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Delonghi Slim Style Digital Convection Panel Heater

Delonghi Slim Style Digital Convection Panel Heater


  • Number of Heat Settings: 3
  • Power: 1,500 W
  • Hi-fi Technology
  • Perfect for Family Use

De’Longhi is an excellent producer of convection heaters. As a result of that, it gets two slots in our review today.

The Slim Style Convection Panel Heater is an energy efficient model that blows hot air with a dual-fan technology. While the fans are a bit weak, the style works best for waiting over time.

While it is not the cheapest heater to run Australia has to offer, it still manages to keep the wattage low at around 1500.

Among panel heaters, this one has excellent portability. It is relatively small so that it can move between rooms.

With this and three different heat modes, the slim style is easily one of the most flexible models.

Panel and convection heaters everywhere should use this model as an example of how to do things right. It may not be an instant heater, but it does well to handle a large room over a long period.

  • It has a wall mount.
  • It has a thermal shut-off that prevents overheating.
  • It is quiet.
  • It uses little wattage.
  • It can handle more substantial rooms.
  • It is a convection style heater, so it is slower than other options.
  • The fan function is a bit weak.
  • It takes time to warm up a room.

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Goldair Radiant Heater

Goldair Radiant Heater


  • 2 Heat Settings
  • Instant Radiant Heat
  • Safety Tip-over Switch

Goldair does well to make simple, effective technology. That is why I prefer the Goldair GSIR220. As an inexpensive model that does what it says it does, it doesn’t try and flash you with needless terminology.

For other families, the lack of features may be a deal-breaker. There is also no auto-off feature, resulting in a higher risk for people who like to leave their portable heaters on overtime.

However, this may be perfect for those who are looking for the most energy efficient portable heater.

It manages to feel like cheap heating without being made with low-quality parts. Goldair has created a heating element that just gets the job done.

As a result of its ability to produce warm air efficiently, it is an easy pick for this list.

  • One of the most energy efficient options.
  • It heats up quicker than convection heaters.
  • It is a straightforward unit.
  • It is limited to smaller rooms.
  • It has limited features.
  • It is not as safe as our other options.

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Noirot Spot Plus

Noirot Spot Plus
  • Number of Heat Settings: 3
  • Power: 2,000 W
  • Child Safety Lock

Among wall mounted electric heaters, The Noirot Spot Plus is easily one of the best heating options of 2020. This heater is on the list because of the insane 25-year warranty.

The fact that this was produced in 2008 and is still making lists in 2020 should be enough to tell you that Noirot makes products to last.

It is not the most energy efficient option on our list, but among panel heater reviews the Spot Plus is still on the higher end of it.

However, it is a wall-mounted model without a handle, resulting in it being a bit clunky compared to our other portable models.

While it is energy efficient, it is also quite. It lacks some time features, which may contribute to higher electricity bills for those who do not keep this in mind.

  • It is very cost-effective.
  • It has a digital control panel.
  • It has an anti-frost function.
  • It has an auto-off feature.
  • It has a 25-year warranty.
  • It can handle large bedrooms.
  • It lacks a timer.
  • Not Kids friendly.
  • It is not very portable.

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Kmart Anko 11 Fin Oil Heater

Kmart Anko 11 Fin Oil Heater
  • Number of Heat Settings: 3
  • Power: 2,400 W

Kmart brings its portable electric heating unit to the list with the Anko 11 Fin Oil Heater. It is among our most inexpensive options and has a decent amount of features when compared to some of our more expensive models.

Given the conservative nature of this model, you find yourself running into a lot of quality based issues.

Kmart does not produce the most energy-efficient heater. But it does have a low up-front investment.

Among our oil heater reviews, it manages to get on the top list due to the versatility of the product. It even comes with wheels for easy moving.

  • It has tip-over protection.
  • It has an auto-off feature.
  • It has an anti-frost function.
  • It is durable.
  • It is not energy efficient.
  • It lacks a timer.
  • It lacks some of the quality control features of our other products.

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Different Types Of Portable Heaters

With this list kept in mind, we will review the many options they have for portable and energy efficient heaters.

By knowing the different types, it makes you better equipped when going to make a purchase.

Keep in mind the amount of room you have for this and the size of your rooms. If you get small room heaters for your outdoor patio space, it will result in an unnecessary return trip for the right model.

Radiant Heaters

This type of heat transfers heat directly to other people, as opposed to putting heat to an entire room. Portable heaters like this also lack moving air, which could be great for those who are allergic to dust.

These are not meant to heat an entire room or an ample space and tend to need a line-of-sight with what it wants to heat.

One example of a radiant heater includes a patio heater, which is an energy efficient outdoor heater that generates thermal radiation.

 These tend to be more energy efficient than a standard outdoor gas heater. We have reviewed nothing under the radiant heater category, but the closest heater to this would be the Goldair, as it uses halogen bulbs.

Oil-filled Column Heaters

In oil column heaters, the oil maintains the heat. As a result, the heater tends to retain heat well. It is different from gas heaters, which use the gas as a fuel source.

As a result, heating tends to be slow in these models. But the slow, consistent release of heat results in an energy efficient portable heater.

Examples of oil column heaters that we use include the two Delonghi models and the Kmart model.

Convection and Panel Heaters

Oil column heaters are an excellent example of convection heaters. Other examples include radiator heaters, as those use water over oil.

A coil will heat up inside of the unit and air will flow through the unit, spreading the heated air throughout the area. As a result, they are best used to stay in a small room.

Often, they are combined with panel heaters to maximize versatility. Panel heaters are those who are attached to the wall. Noirot and the slim style De’Longhi are both panel heaters.

Fan Heaters

Fan heaters take the cold air, flow it through a fan, and push it out as hot air. Unlike the column heaters for oil we have seen today, fans will force the heat out of the system.

As a result, they work as great individual heaters and can increase warm air flowing throughout the house. Our one example today was the Dyson tower heater.

portable heater

How to find Most Energy Efficient Portable Heaters

On average, space heating and cooling accounts for 40 per cent of household energy usage. Most people do not know how to pick the most energy efficient systems. To meet this list, it has to meet the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS).

Gas heaters do not meet this standard, which means that they are not on this list. But most other electric heating units come with an energy star ranking, similar to dishwashers and fridges.

Many heaters come with a running cost estimate. For example, the Goldair states that their heater costs around 23 cents per hour.

Consider that this is 800 W of power and you get a general idea of what to expect. The energy star rankings go with best out of six, so try to get as close to six as possible.


After an extensive review of the most energy efficient portable heater Australia has, we’ve found the overall winner to be the Noirot Spot Plus.

What put this heater over the top was the quality of the product combined with the 25-year warranty. When we combine this with the convenient wall mount feature and its 1000 W usage, this is a natural choice for the best energy saver heater.

Best Portable Heater for Larger Rooms

When selecting energy efficient electric heaters for large rooms, a portable option is lower on this list. It is why the De’Longhi Dragon 4 makes that list. 

While the large size does make it a bit unwieldy, it is efficient at warming a large room continuously. This heater is a permanent fixture you could feasibly use year round.

Best Electric Heater for Outdoors

While outdoor gas heaters would potentially be here, energy efficient items are essential on our list. As a result, Goldair’s GSIR220 is the best selection for our requirements. 

Among portable heaters, this halogen-based heating element is perfect for conserving energy while creating a space for heating outside. With it being a moderately-sized heater, it also has robust portability.

Best Portable Heater for Smaller Rooms

If you are looking to heat a kid’s room or a bathroom, the Dyson Hot + Cool heating fan is best.

While panel heaters seem to be the best given the limited space, Dyson’s tower design allows for the ultimate example of portability. 

With it being too weak to handle more substantial rooms, this falls under a personal heater. The ability to switch between cold and warm air means that this heater is for year round usage.

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