Best Portable Air Conditioner: Top 5 Coolest List In Australia For 2020

Today we’re going to kick back and figure out what the best portable air conditioner in Australia is. With summer coming around the corner, it’s a great time to start thinking about how to keep cool.

If you’re like me and you’ve got one of those homes that turns into a sauna in the summertime, finding the best & cheap portable air conditioner is essential, but not everyone has one that reaches every home in the house.

There’s not a lot worse than lying in bed on a sweltering summer night, sweating through your sheets and praying for wintertime. So let’s get started.

6 Best Portable Air Conditioners Australia 2020

  • DeLonghi Pinguino – Air to Air, Portable Air Conditioner
  • DeLonghi C2.5kW Cooling Only Portable Air Con
  • Rinnai C4.1kW Cooling Only Portable Air Con
  • Kogan 4.1kW Portable Air Conditioner
  • Dimplex DC09MINI 2.6kW Mini Portable Air Conditioner

When you’re searching for a portable air conditioner, just like if you’re looking for the best pressure cooker, you don’t want to be running around from store to store comparing everything that’s out there, that’s why our buying guide has this easy to use table. 

Portable Air ConditionerBestPrice Check

DeLonghi Pinguino

Best All-Rounder

DeLonghi C2.5kW

Best Quiet Portable Ac

Rinnai C4.1kW

Best For Large Rooms

Kogan 4.1kW

Best All-in-one Performer

Dimplex Mini 2.6kw

Best For Small Spaces/Homes

5 Best & Top Portable Air Conditioners You Can Buy

Now it’s time to review our hand-picked selection of portable air conditioners. We’re going to check out what each product offers, and give you some pros and cons of each product.

DeLonghi Pinguino – Air to Air, Portable Air Conditioner Review

DeLonghi Pinguino - Air to Air, Portable Air Conditioner Review
  • Soft Touch Interface, so you can easily access all the features thanks to the intuitive control panel
  • Remote Control allows you to manage all functions, including temperature, fan speed, timer, dehumidifier,…
  • Fan function and Dehumidifying function and Exclusive condensate recirculation system

We’ve taken a look at a lot of DeLonghi Products in the past, like when we looked at the best coffee machines in Australia. But they do more than coffee!

The Pinguino offers so much for anyone stuck in a humid home. This product is ideal for large rooms, able to provide a bit of relief on hot days in as little as fifteen minutes.

This thanks to a BTU rating of 8,200 which should be more than enough for any residential home. One thing we love about this aircon is that they’ve gone to extra lengths to make it user-friendly.

It offers a soft touch interface with everything bright and user-friendly. Plus it comes with a remote meaning you can control this thing from anywhere in your house.

On top of that, this isn’t just an air conditioner; it’s also a dehumidifier! Meaning you’re getting two products for the price of one. 

We’ve come across a couple of problems with this product. For one we’ve found the exhaust hose is a little short, and it is very noisy, and thus no good overnight. 

However overall we still consider this to be pretty good from DeLonghi and well worth a look.

  • Cools a large room in 15 minutes
  • Massive BTU rating & cooling capacities
  • Doubles as a dehumidifier
  • The exhaust hose is short
  • Too noisy to use at night

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Don’t know if this is the best & top portable air conditioner Australia has on offer? Keep reading.

DeLonghi C2.5kW Cooling Only Portable Air Con Review

DeLonghi C2.5kW Cooling Only Portable Air Con Review
  • Dehumidifying capacity (l/h): 34
  • Colour: White
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 2 Year

Next up is another product from Delonghi. If the price of the previous air con they have on offer was a bit of a deterrent for you, this next portable AC in Australia is one of our top picks.

For starters, it seems Delonghi has gone to extra lengths to develop a quietest portable air conditioner.

For the C2.5KW they’ve developed a state of the art system that we’ve found allows this product to be whisper quiet overnight, which might make it the best small portable air conditioner for bedroom use.

It also features a good deal of power with 2.5KWs right in the name. It’s also one of the cheaper models in our review, coming in a good couple hundred dollars less expensive than Delonghi Pinguino, and the handles on the side make moving it easy.

The biggest downside we’ve found with this product is that they haven’t thought about convenience too much with the timer only being adjustable by the hour and not by the minute.

Plus the window kit isn’t the easiest to use, but it is made of higher quality material.

  • Near silent noise level
  • Cost efficient price point
  • Very easy to transport
  • The timer can only be adjusted by the hour
  • The window kit is tricky

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We’ve got more! Up next, we take a quick look at an absolute beast of an AC.

Rinnai C4.1kW Cooling Only Portable Air Con Review

Rinnai C4.1kW Cooling Only Portable Air Con Review
  • Cooling Capacity: 4.1kW
  • Colour/Finish: White/Black
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 2 Years

Sometimes you need that little more power in your aircon. That means you want to get an AC with an absolute beast of a BTU rating, that’s where the Rinnai C4.1KW comes into play.

It offers a massive 14,000 BTUs of cooling power, making it excellent in big rooms, bedrooms, garages, or anywhere you might be too hot.

Another great feature we’ve found in this product is its delay timer, which allows you to set it to start working at a specific time so that everything will be nice and cool when you want it to be.

It’s also got a sleek modern, design, but that makes it difficult to move, along with its pretty hefty weight.

One major letdown to this product is that you aren’t getting the same bang for your buck you might come with some of the others. It’s just as expensive as the Delonghi but lacks the dehumidifier feature, meaning you can only use this as an AC.

That’s fine if you’ve already got a dehumidifier, but not so good if you’re going to have to fork out twice for two products. 

  • Most BTUs in our portable aircon review
  • Features handy delay timer
  • Nice modern design
  • No extras outside AC
  • Very heavy and hard to move

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Just want the best portable air conditioner? Keep reading below for our pick for the best AC in Oz.

Kogan 4.1kW Portable Air Conditioner Review

Kogan 4.1kW Portable Air Conditioner Review
  • Choose the perfect temperature
  • Set up in any room and move with ease
  • Set the timer and forget

This might be the best portable air conditioners in Australia. If you’re interested in year-round use, and value for money, we like the Kogan.

For starters, this isn’t just an AC, it’s also a heat pump, and it’s also a dehumidifier, and it’s also a fan. You’re getting four products for less than it costs to by some AC’s that only do one thing.

On top of that, it’s also extremely powerful, boasting a massive BTU in excess of 10,000 BTUs. Based on what we’ve seen, we recommend using this product in rooms that are about 30 square feet big, so it’d be great for lounges and especially for bedrooms.

Plus this product has really taken the portability part of a portable air con seriously, by adding wheels so you can scoot it around the house wherever you need it to be.

Another thing we like especially in the age of high Australian energy bills is Kogan has taken energy efficiency seriously, with a smart control system to minimise wastage.

On the downside we’ve found some real issues with the digital display it can be a bit faulty, but outside of that we really like this product. 

  • Heats cools, dehumidifiers and fans
  • Wheels for easy portability
  • Smart energy efficiency system
  • Digital display can play up

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“What’s the best portable aircon Australia has?” Keep reading so you know all the rest.

Dimplex DC09MINI 2.6kW Mini Portable AC Review

Dimplex DC09MINI 2.6kW Mini Portable AC Review
  • 2.6kw Cooling Only
  • Manual Controls
  • Fully Portable on Castors

Got a smaller home? Got a few smaller rooms like offices that you want to keep cool while you do your work?

Then definitely consider the mini air conditioner Dimplex AC.

We’ve found this product is great for rooms that are around 15 square feet big, so many not one for the lounge.

It’s also been designed to clean up after itself, with no drip tray or hose; instead, all the excess moisture will evaporate on its own, which we found really handy.

It’s also got safety covered, with a system designed to prevent overheating, meaning you can rest easy knowing that there’s not a lot of risks involved in using this product.

On the downside, it didn’t come with a remote, which is a bit annoying. Plus the controls are manual rather than digital, reducing some of the control you have over this product.

  • Best portable air conditioner for small room
  • Self evaporating system
  • Protection against overheating
  • Doesn’t come with remote control
  • Manual control system

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Keen on these products but want to learn a little more? We break down everything you need to know below.

Things look for in a portable air conditioner?

Still not sure which of the above air conditioners is right for you? Here’s a quick rundown of everything we reckon you should keep your eye out for.


No-one likes an appliance that breaks, and no-one wants to sink upwards of half a grand on a piece of junk. The main thing that the best portable air cons have going for them is reliability.

Keep an eye out for the products that come with an extended warranty and consider the ones we’ve found to have a good long-lasting performance.


Just like when searching for the best washing machine, you want to think about noise. Let’s be real, air cons can sometimes be really loud.

This isn’t so bad if it’s just your home AC keeping your living room cool, but when you’re trying to get to sleep in thirty-degree weather, a loud hum is the last thing you want. 


Moveability basically comes down to the product’s design and shape, and how much it weighs. All the air conditioners we’ve looked at today have pretty sleek streamlined designs.

However, they aren’t the lightest products in your home.When it comes to weight, generally speaking, your AC will weigh somewhere around 30kgs, so you might want to visit the gym before you move it room to room. 

The last thing you want to think about is cord length, the longer, the better. 

Single vs Dual Hose

You’ve probably seen the big hose that connects to most AC units. Some of them have a dual hose system, while some stick with the single hose. It’s not a huge difference. All that happens with a dual hose system is 


Just like with any household product, you want to get your money’s worth, so when buying a portable AC, keep an eye out for what else it can do.

Firstly you want it to have a cooling function, obviously. Next, have a look if it can also warm up a house for those days where the weather just can’t make it’s mind up.

Then you want to see if it can also function as a dehumidifier as well, this can be super useful during the summertime.

Ease of Use

No two portable air con is created equal, but most of them are pretty easy to use. So long as you’re all good with the setup, you should find everything fairly straightforward, especially if your AC comes with a remote and a digital display. 


What on earth is a BTU? If this is your first portable air conditioner review, this might be a foreign term to you.

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, and it describes how much energy is needed to raise the temperature of something.

The standard is how much is needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. 


A portable air con is a more expensive option when compared to the more traditional window-mounted air conditioners. However, the price can really vary quite significantly,  and cheap portable air conditioners do exist, so it really pays to shop around. 

On the other hand in the long run, if you’re clever and when and where you use your portable air conditioner, you might be able to save money in the long run on your electricity bills by not having it running all the time. 

Portable air conditioner in front of brightly lit window.

Key features to consider in a portable air conditioner?

That’s the broad strokes taken care of, but these are the specific details we highly recommend when searching for cheap portable AC units.

Fan Speeds

Fan speed is how fast the fan in your portable AC spins, pretty simple really. Generally, you’ll have a number of speeds, often between one to three, and many of the leading models offer up to three. 

Heat Mode

A heat mode on your portable AC basically turns your portable air conditioner into a portable heat pump. It’s actually pretty straightforward how this works.

When you AC produces cold air, it’s processing the air it takes in and cooling it down, in order to turn it into a heat pump, this process simply reverses. We like this feature because it means your portable aircon will have a purpose all year round.


This is an absolute must in a portable AC, as a hot summer in Australia can get a little on the muggy side.

A dehumidifier works by sucking the humid air into its system where it comes into contact with the freezing coils inside the dehumidifier. This cools the air and removes the moisture from it. It’s spat back out into your home, humidity-free. 

Remote Control

A remote control might not be something you’ve really thought that much about when buying an AC, but it’s a real lifesaver.

Most modern portable air conditioners come with some sort of remote so you can adjust the temperature from the comfort of your couch. Just make sure you don’t lose it.

Dual Condenser

A dual condenser is a core component of some portable air conditioners. They’re a space-saving measure allowing different functions of your air con to run at the same time.

They’ll typically be clearly marked, one for the common function, one for the hermetic compression and one for the fan. 

Timer Function

The timer function is an absolute essential on your portable AC unit. What this is great for is setting and forgetting.

You can put your portable air conditioner in a room you’re not using, say a bedroom, cool it down while you’re not using it, and have it turn off right in time for bed. This is great as you won’t have to put up with annoying noise levels why you’re trying to sleep. 

Sleep/Night Mode

In sleep mode or night mode is a really handy function present on many portable units. When you set your air con to sleep mode it will start off a certain temperature, then gradually increase the temperature as you fall asleep, then quietly keep working at that same temperature while you get a well needed night’s rest. 

Windows Kits

The window kit is a simple but crucial part of your air con. It is basically just a big plastic tube that goes out of your window and allows the air conditioner to suck fresh hot air from outside and recirculate it as cool air in your home.

Many of the models we’ve looked at today come with window kits included, which is really something to look out for. 

Portable Air Conditioner

Still got a few questions?

That’s okay, we’ve got a few answers. Buying a portable AC in Australia is a bit of a big choice, so it pays to have all your questions taken care of. 

Portable Mobile Room Air Conditioner. 3d Rendering

How do Portable ACs Work?

The same way a regular AC works. You connect it to a window unit, and the AC takes in the air from your room, cools it using a freezing cold coil, and fans it out across your room.

Depending on the space in your room and the power of your unit, it could be somewhere from fifteen minutes to around half an hour to get your room to the desired temperature. 

How to setup a Portable air conditioner

If your portable AC comes with a window kit, then it should all be pretty straightforward. Place your AC on sturdy level flooring next to a window.

Make sure it’s not touching any plants or furniture. Then you need to plug it in and set up your window kit, and you should be good to go. 

Are portable air conditioners Energy Efficient?

Are you looking for an energy efficient portable aircon? An energy efficient portable air conditioner is a great idea, but really depends on how you use them.

If you’re running one of the best & cheap portable air conditioners, you could see savings so long as you use it sensibly. One thing that works against portable ACs is that they generally require way higher BTUs to cool a room, sucking more energy from the grid and costing you more. However, using them in short bursts could work out cheaper. 

Do portable room air conditioners work?

Absolutely they do, but it depends on the size of your room. You want to get a machine that’s powerful enough to cool down a big room, especially at the price some portable air conditioners come at.

However, if you’ve got a bit of patience, you should be able to enjoy a cooler room in around about fifteen minutes. 

​Are portable air conditioners quiet?

Some are some aren’t. It really depends on the quiet portable air conditioner you buy. If you’re interested in a quieter model of air conditioner, consider some of the products we looked at today.

On top of that, many models have a sleep mode, which will be a little quieter than a regular mode. 

Which is a better window or portable air conditioner?

If you’re looking for the easier to install and run option, definitely the portable AC. Installation time for a portable AC can be barely thirty minutes, whereas with a window AC you might even need to get a handyman in. Plus the portability makes them way more useful in every home in the house. 

Conclusion: Which Portable air conditioner is best for me?

We’ve covered a lot of ground today in our best small portable air conditioner reviews, we’ve looked at five of the best portable air conditioners Australia has on offer, and we’ve broken down what makes your portable AC tick.

So what’s the best portable air conditioner?

Overall our best rated portable air conditioner is the Kogan 4.1KW.

Why? One word, functionality and affordability. It heats, cools, fans and works as a dehumidifier.

It has all the cooling power of the Delonghi models, plus the trendy looks of the Kogan.

On top of all that it boasts just as much power as the most powerful model in our review, the Rinnai, with about 14,000 BUTs of cooling capacity.

However, it beats all these products in terms of price as well. If you’re after bigger things than just an air conditioner we definitely recommend giving the Kogan a look.

So there we have it, the review of the best portable air con just in time for summer. So until we see you again, stay cool everybody.

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